Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Good things happening

So this week has been really good and interesting lots of stuff happened. On Tuesday we went on exchange with the zone leaders so we were in Wolverhampton from Tuesday to Wednesday then Wednesday night we had a lesson with the Edwards. And then Thursday we had district meeting the last one of my mission. Friday I had to go to MLC mission leadership council the one with all the district leaders they have 2 times a year. When we got back from that and had lesson with Steve and he is so awesome.
On Saturday I had a awesome day. When I was in Worcester we were working with a part member family but it never felt like it was going anywhere and then when I was back in Hereford going on exchange to Worcester I go to teach them again. Then all of the sudden they made leaps and bounds of progress and Kiwi got baptized on Saturday and I didn't find out till Tuesday when I was on exchange with the zone leaders. Elder R also served in Worcester and so he knew and told me and I got permission from president to go. It was awesome. She looked so good in white she is only 9 but her older brother is 14 and he is planning on baptism soon as well. And then on Saturday night we went to visited a less active at the farm shere she keeps her horses, she showed us her horses and everything. They ride English and it was cool to see the difference in action on a horses back.  
That was pretty much it for the week. Steve is on a date for baptism on the 16 and the other elders have there investigator getting baptized on the same day. So that will be really cool. This week we have zone meeting and so that should be really good. Then the following week we have zone conference.

Love you guys 
Elder Poll

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two Flat Tires!!

So this week things have been a bit slow and fun and interesting.Wednesday we were supposed to have coordination meeting but Brother V just adopted a baby boy this week and so he is still having a hard time adjusting. So we had to cancel that one and try again the next night and he succeeded in getting him to sleep while we were all there and then we had to sneak out of the house because they have a few lose floor board that squeak so we had to avoid touching them because the baby is a really light sleeper. But we all made it out without waking him up. Monday we had FHE but not many people showed up. Tuesday we had a lesson with our polish less active, and did a few stop by's and then we taught the young men for there activity on missionary work. Wednesday morning I got a flat tire and so we took the bus up to a far part of our area and did some work there. Friday we went and saw Steve and it was good he still has the question about the Sabbath day and why did it need to change and who said so and all that. He seems to agree with everything else. But keep him in your prayers about that. He is on a date for the July 2nd we are pretty sure he will make it. Then on Sunday we went to church and it was raining till about the end then it stopped and we did a few stop by's and then right as we got out of town I got a flat tire again and so we had to walk back. It is all good though because this week we will be taking buses because it is supposed to rain all week and Elder W's bike is getting an overhaul. All in all it was a good week. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Poll

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last transfer!!

So things this week have been a bit weird for me seeing Elder Pillay go home and realizing that I am not far off from there. My new companion is Elder Willliams he is from Billings Montana, from what I can tell so far it will be a really good last transfer. The weather here has been so hot the past few days I have been sweating bullets, especially since we have been back to biking so I am sweating even more. Steve has been out of town for he past week and he didn't get back in time for the conference sadly but we are going to try and see him today. But the work this week has been mostly with less actives we have been able to see quite a few of them that we hadn't met before and hopefully we should see some progress with some of them soon.  I think that a few of them just need a bit of a reminder of how important church is and then they will come back.

It is crazy to think that it is June already months have just melted away. Yesterday was pretty cool to see Elder Oaks. Sadly I did't get to shake his hand but the conference building that we were in was really good there wasn't really any bad seats you could pretty much see from anywhere and he talked a bit about the importance of the Sabbath day and the way we should keep the Sabbath is by not doing anything that detracts from worshiping the Lord of from spending time with family. He also talked about the true value of things in our
lives and how we should search out what is of true worth in our eternal lives and to seek after that with all our might. Then he closed with a testimony of the godhead of how that are not a trinity but are three distinct beings and what there roles are. It was really good Elder Kearon of the area presidency spoke as well. He is the one that
spoke in conference just past about the importance of helping refugees. He spoke on the same topic in this conference. It was a great meeting. 

That's all for this week. Love you guys
Elder Poll

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 30th

Well Elder P goes home tomorrow well goes to the mission home tomorrow but flies out on Wednesday night and gets home on Thursday. My new companions name is Elder Willliams don't know anything else
really about him. This week has been really good and really tiring we have been able to have two awesome lessons with Steve and he was at church Sunday, and he is just doing awesome when we meet with him it's more like he is teaching himself and we are just clarifying for him on a few things. His biggest question he has had so far is about the Sabbath being moved from the Jewish Sabbath which is Saturday to Sunday which we now use.  So today we had to go to the mission home anyway for Elder P's departing interview so I asked president for some scripture references about it and so that was good. Monday we spent most of the day running around getting souvenirs for Elder P and his family  then in the evening we had dinner with a cool family. Then on Tuesday mostly did finding and some visits. On Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Steve and also stopped by
some less actives. On Thursday we also had a lesson with Steve and a lesson with a Sikh (seek)  guy and it went okay but his friends were there and we pressuring him a little bit it felt like. Then on Friday it was supposed to be a really busy day with some potentials but none of them showed up. But then we had dinner and a lesson with one of our part member families from Poland and man that was the biggest meal I have ever eaten. A whole plate full of boiled potatoes sliced with some cream of mushroom sauce and then to breaded and fried pieces of pork. I was so full and could burst the she brought out the ice cream. But we had a good lesson and it was really cool and they were at church Sunday as well. On Saturday we had a slower day because Elder P had the interview today and because he didn't want to pack on Sunday we spent a good portion of it getting him last minute things and him saying some good byes to people that wouldn't be to church and him packing. But we also did a few stop byes and met a cool less active guy that he doesn't come out to church mostly because of a medical condition. Sunday it was really cool almost everyone we invited came to church we had Steve, our part member family, and three less actives at church it was probably the best turn out of my entire mission. And it was fast and testimony meeting for us here because next week we have a cool tri stake conference with Elder Oaks so it should be really cool. I hope I get a chance to shake his hand because then it will make it my third apostle on my mission that I have met. But with it being a tri stake thing most likely not. This week is going to be interesting and maybe a bit slow because Steve is on holiday this week and won't be back till Sunday just in time for the conference. I think this week we will mostly be stopping by less actives and trying to get our ward list under control. And inviting everyone to the weekly activities that we are going to start holding at the chapel.

Love you guys and thanks for your support
Elder Poll

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Awesome Week!!!

So this week started out really great and just got better. We went to the Royal Air Force museum with a veteran and he could tell us all about the planes. Well all of the older ones.Then we had dinner at the members house that makes armor so that was cool he has a suit that he made right in the front room. Tuesday we did service for that same member, we took down a tree for him. And then did some visits in that area and then did some stop by's of some less active members. Now that we finally have a ward list we have address for them all. Wednesday,I went on exchange with the other elders and worked with Elder Wall that was good we did a lot of stop by's and and stopped by Stevens house he is one of our investigators. His phones are always broken so we just have to drop in and set stuff up or a lot of times if he is there we just come straight in for a lesson and that is what happened with this week. Steve is a great guy but hadn't been making much progress because he was confused about the plan of salvation on a few things so we cleared that up and then this lesson we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he wanted to be baptized. So I was bold with him because he hasn't been making church a priority. For him it was just if I can I will make it. He mentioned that even after we are baptized we still sin and so there must be a way of fixing that so we told him about repentance and the sacrament, and this is where I got bold with him and said Steve you want to be baptized but I can't tell you yes until you promise to come to church every week because it needs to be a habit because you have been taught this stuff. Now you know that it is true and because you do you are held more accountable. Then I said Steve if you will commit to come every Sunday to church till the baptism unless something major comes up and you can't go that week then I would love to help you to be baptized and I think you could be ready on the 2nd of July. That was really good because he said yes. So please keep him in your prayers. Then we had coordination after with our awesome ward mission leader from Italy.  Thursday we had district meeting and it was ok and then we swapped back and had a dinner appointment with a cool family that I met when I was a greeny on exchange in Cannock. They have moved to Walsall ward so that was cool to see them again. Then we did some visits to less actives. Friday and Saturday were kind of uneventful. Everyone cancelled on us and all the stop by's we did only like 4 answered but that's okay after Wednesday nothing could get me down. Sunday it was so great we caught the bus to come to church and as we got on one of our part member families that we have been working with was on the bus coming to church. Then when we got to church everything was good but I was getting a bit worried because Steve wasn't there and our other less active we had been working with wasn't there and and I was freaking out and starting to get disappointed. It was ward conference this week and so they were doing all the sustaining and then at the end I just caught some movement out in the hall and it was Steve so I went out and greeted him. Elder Pillay was passing the sacrament so I just brought him in and we sat down and it was really great. He couldn't stay for the other two hours this time but said he should be all good for that from now on so it was really cool. And the other Polish speaking less active we have been working with showed up just a few min after Steve so it was way cool.
And that was pretty much my week. Elder Pillay goes home next week.

Love Elder Poll

Monday, May 9, 2016

Transferred to Walsall

Monday we were at the mission home for zone pday and it was really fun we had fun games and good food and got to hang out with lots of other missionaries so it was way cool. We played quidich from Harry Potter and our team won. President taught us some self defense classes and that was fun we got to throw each other on the floor. and then we had a roast hog provided by one of the members in Cheltenham, he is from Tonga and it was pretty cool. Then we went home to pack and get everything ready for me to go. Tuesday we had to get up early and be to Gloscster to take the coach to the mission home and then I met with elder Pillay and we took the train back to our area. We are really close to the mission home. When I say that I mean the sister missionaries that are in the ward the mission home is in are in our district so it is quite nice. We know whats going on everywhere in the mission because they know everything. Tuesday we also had a lesson with a cool part member family and then I got all unpacked and settled in, Wednesday we had to go to the other elders flat in our ward and pick up elder P's stuff because his companion went home early on in last transfer so he was in a trion with the other team and his stuff was there. Then we went and saw one of our investigators and then went to coordination and ward council then home..Thursday we had to go to the council office of the city because some one it the absence of missionaries living there the past transfer had stolen our rubbish bin so we had to go and get a new one ordered. then we had a lesson with one of our kind of investigators, I say kind of because she was ours and now she is not because she doesn't live in our area and so we had to pass her over to the Lichfeld elders which we did that on Saturday on a joint lesson. We are just hoping everything goes well because she is supposed to get baptized next Saturday. She is so ready and only has one lesson left to be taught to her so it should be okay we are just a bit worried. Friday we had district meeting and interviews with president and they went really good then we went to the mission office and had a talk with the housing coordinator about our flat because to put it nicely its in a really ruff part of town Our neighbor is a crazy lady that was banging on our door the other night and is just scary and crazy. We are on the top of there list to get us a new flat, we will see if it even happens or if it happens before I get home. then after we got back from the mission home we had a lesson and our investigator canceled last moment and then the member we had scheduled to come with us didn't show up. Saturday we spent the whole day traveling and having a lesson and travelling back from Lichfeild to pass our investigator over to the other elders. then we had a dinner appointment.
Sunday at church I saw a few people I have met before when I was first out on my mission and serving in Burton, because I am back in the same stake later we had a lesson with a less active member and then we headed back to the flat for call ins. I have been made district leader so i have to do call ins with the 2 other team and then with the zone leaders.
Elder P is my new companion he is from south Africa and he has been out longer than me he goes home at the end of this transfer He has been in the area for one transfer before me and so we are still trying to find our way around together getting lost some times but its okay.
The weather here has been crazy we have had a hail storm pretty much everyday with some snow and rain mixed in. weird weather. Elder P seems like a great guy so far and works hard so we get on just fine. I think things will be good and if not the transfer is only a 5 week transfer and he goes home at the end so I know I will get a new companion so we will see but i think thing should be fine. Walsall is pretty good it is the smallest of all my areas that I have had you can bike from one side to the other in a 1 hour and 40 min I would think. Big difference from Hereford. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Poll

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Exchange to Worcester

The missionary work for the week we had a meeting with President on Tuesday then we were on exchanges from then till Wednesday. Me and Elder Starry had fun and worked hard and biked far. We also had a cool experience, on Saturday. We had zone meeting and then on our way home we planned to go see a potential we have in one of the smaller towns in our area. We went to see her but the only address we had for her was the little place that she doesn't actually live at so it was on chance that she would be there. The funny thing is she wasn't but her friends were and we had a good chat with them. She had mentioned us to them from the last time we met her and so we got talking to them and we got the chance to teach a lesson to one of them and we have an appointment with her on Wednesday this week so that's really cool.Then we got the phone number of another one. The rest weren't interested but it was a cool miracle. We also got to work in another smaller town in our area more as well because it is quite easy to access on the train so went there 2 times this week and saw some success so that was cool. and we were able to set up an appointment with the couple we had been working with that told us no more. We are having a family home evening with them on Friday so that's cool.
We also had a electrician finally come and fix our heater...yea.
Sad and cool news for this week.  I am going on exchange to Worcester tomorrow and that is cool but the sad part is this is the last exchange of the transfer so it may be my last time to do missionary work in Worcester and to see people here. So exciting and and sad all at once,but things are looking really promising in Hereford at the moment so its pretty cool.

As far as the refugee thing goes I haven't really seen it much but we here about it all the time. Some people are for it here and some are against most want to help but would prefer that they HELP THEM LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE is usually what they say is that they don't mind paying a bit to help but the situation of people without but housing is already a problem here so the don't know how they can help others with that if they can't help themselves. But I haven't really seen any to be honest though. I think they tend to go to the larger cities.

Love you guys.
Elder Poll

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conference Week

This general conference was really good I loved Elder Uchtdorfs talk in the Sunday morning session conference about German being the celestial language hahaha. But in general I learned a lot I felt like a lot of it was geared towards parenting and preparing at what ever stage you are at to be a good parent, there were some other ones as well about other things but I just picked up on at least that one common theme. And for conference we did end up down at Cheltenham for the Saturday session and them here in Hereford for the three sessions Sunday. It was good not a lot came out to the chapel now though everyone who is good with technology and has a good internet connection just stays home and watches it there which I can understand because that is what we do is sit at home and watch it on the TV so I can't blame them but it is good to come all together. On our way to conference we had lunch in Worcester because we had to stop there on our way and had to wait about 40 min for the connecting train and they had a market set up in he high street and there was a stand selling pocket watches and so we went and looked at them and I got one it's pretty cool, something to remember England by.This week has been better since it has been back down to just the two of us and the weather has been really good as well this week only one day of rain and the rest quite warm white shirt weather at least 2 days so that was really nice. On Monday we saw 4 or 5 people we are working with. On Tuesday Elder D got picked up in the morning by the zone leaders then elder S and I went and did some visits and on the way
had a heart to heart and just discussed things about what we want to see happen in the area and how we can make that happen. An so I feel like we understand each other better. Then we did some work in Leominster and some stop by's up there it was one of he few days this week that it rained but not for very long. Oh and on Sunday we had our clocks change so now it is quite light in the evenings still which is a plus for missionary work. On Wednesday we had district meeting then we did some work in Ledbury another town in our area and then we did some visits with the ward mission leader to some members that haven't been out to church in a while and that went really well then we did some other visits and then had dinner. On Thursday we had amazing weather and we used that to our advantage and went out to some of the smaller parts of our area that we have to bike to and it was white shirt weather all the way, then we had dinner with a member from Ireland and it was funny because I guess in Jamaica they call potatoes irishes instead of potatoes and it was quite funny to all of us. Then the ward mission leader had some or people he wanted to go visit and so he called and asked if we were free and we were so we went and did visits with him again on Thursday and it was really good. On Friday I had a flat tire when we went to go to a appointment so we walked out and dropped my bike off at the bike shop for them to fix it because I didn't have a spare tube for this bike yet so I had to have them do it. But we got to see Josie and it was really good. Then we did some stop by's and then a less active family's invited us out to dinner with them and so we went to an (American dinner) called Frankie and Bennies  it was okay but nothing especially American about it. On Saturday we did our weekly planning and then traveled to Cheltenham for conference it didn't start till five but because of crazy train times we had to leave Hereford on the 1:30 train to get there by 5, Sometimes the long travel just doesn't make sense to me. Then we watched conference and it was really good. Then we traveled back and to Hereford and then Sunday we got to the chapel at 8:30 for the priesthood session and then we were in charge of everything there so we were there till the end of the last session at 7 then we went and did some stop by's. This week will be a lot of travel to Cheltenham once on Tuesday once on Thursday and then in between we will be exchanging with Worcester but I will be staying in Hereford with elder S. he is from twin fall Idaho. So with all the travel that is probably when I will watch the other session of conference that we didn't get to see yet.

Love you guys
Elder Poll

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No longer in a Tri... yea

This week we had some really good days we were able to see 9 less actives this week and 6 of those were all in one day. It was awesome we went with brother Hansen to see some people whose records have recently come into he ward and they wanted us to check and see if it's the right person or not living there. One of those was really good the guy was nice not interested in  having us coming back to church but really nice. And then we went by another guy and his wife was the head master of this private school and they didn't want anything to do with us, and pretty much told us to get lost. But then later we went and visited some other less actives and it was really good nice day. On Monday night we got a call saying elder D was Leaving and then we went and did some swaps with a member since there was three of us
they took elder D and went home teaching and elder S and I went and did some visits. On Tuesday we did some finding in the morning and then and did some stop byes and then we had dinner with some members and then a lesson with a less active.I already told you about Wednesday and then Thursday we had district meeting and stopped off in Ledbury and did some work there and then something that elder D has wanted to do since a member suggested it and since he is leaving we did it. And it almost killed elder S he can't bike much so it took us forever. Then that night we had a lesson with a less active member and it was good her husband isn't a member. Elder smith got a flat tire on the way back and so we were almost late for curfew but then a member helped us out. He took the broken bike and elder D. Elder S and I biked back home. Friday we went and did some visits to some less actives and then we did service for a member and did some planning. Saturday we
went to Wolverhampton to a baptism that elder S set up before he left and got permission to go back to and so we went with him.then we had dinner with a member. Sunday we went and visited some members so elder D could say goodbye. Then today he has been packing and we went and climbed a hill so we could get a better view of the whole city so we could take some pictures.
We also went and did some service for a member this week and got there kids petting farm ready to open for the year and they told us on Sunday they had over 700 people come on the first day. That is the biggest they have ever had.
I am so excited for conference this week it is going to be awesome. The only part that isn't going to be so cool is that we have to be in Hereford for the whole thing because they have asked us to run the broadcast here for them because bishop is going to be out of town. And so are lots of the members so all the other missionaries in the stake will be in Cheltenham and we have to stay in Hereford.😢😢 that means it may be a bit less exciting because it will be only us. But I will survive.

Love you guys. And I pray for you always.
Elder Poll

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Staying in Hereford for now...

I am staying in Hereford for now not sure how long though because we are going into a trio again for me this is the third time on my mission. We will add elder Smith he is from Jamaica. He will be with us after tomorrow. Trio's don't usually last very long.  The longest one I have had so far was 7 days so I might still move somewhere else I don't know yet. 
Monday we did some stop bys and visited some people in the area because we thought it might be my last week here and so we wanted to see everyone that we could and invite them to church and possibly say good bye. 
Tuesday I mentioned about going out to do some visits with our ward mission leader he helped us to get out to some of the addresses in the unknown file that live quite far out of town that morning then we went and did some work in Ledbury one of the larger villages that is in our area that has a train stop.  
Wednesday we helped bro H with some service he has really injured his back and also really appreciates our help with big jobs and so we helped him wash his big classic car and then he made us lunch and talked a bit about things that are new to him and about the church because he hasn't been a member for long and with his health he misses a lot of Sundays when he is really bad. As thanks though he took us for a ride in his car on Friday that I thought was just going to be a run around the block but turned into a lot longer ride than we planned but while we were gone for a ride his wife cooked us dinner. 
Thursday we had zone meeting in Cheltenham and that was a long travel day. and do you remember how I mentioned that I took that other bike to the shop to have them fix it well they did and I sold the other bike to a missionary in Worcester and so now I have a new bike and its really nice, Anyway after we got back from zone meeting the bike was ready for pick up and we needed it. We had planned a visit a bit farther out of town someone that needed contacting and it was a good first ride out on the bike. and we did contact them but it was a address unknown file person and the person we thought lived there didn't actually live there he moved a year or so before so it was a fun ride but not as much success and we had hope for. Friday we had quite a few appointments one with someone who is an active member of the ward that we are helping her to stop smoking then we saw a member who has sever health problems that keep her from coming to church and then we went out to brother H's to help with one more project and then that's when he gave us a ride in his car and then we had another visit that evening as well and so that has been a pretty good day.
Saturday was good but really tiring we had an appointment with a less active an his family that aren't members in the morning and that went really well. He wants to get back to church and she is interested in hearing the lessons. then from there went to Leominster a large village in our area and did some visits there and then we biked back from that and did some more visits along the way back in other villages that we have been to before and had some people that told us to come back then we had dinner with a less active family there. Then home to wait for transfer calls. We got told that we were staying and that we were getting another elder.and to be honest I wanted to go but it didn't feel like I would but I did know that something would change, because when it came to weekly planning right before transfers if I am going to go I don't seem to feel much inspiration on what to teach and things and so even though I kind of wanted to move I knew that I wasn't going to go quite yet so ya thats what happened.
Sunday after church we did some stop by's and the spirit I believe led us to go the way we did because on our way towards home we were still stopping by everyone on our map that was along our path and so we stopped by this guys that a month a go we ran into and went to visit and he was sick but his friend wanted to listen and we taught him but he was just on drugs at the time so we told ourselves we wouldn't go back, but I felt like we should give the guy another shot and so we just decided that we wouldn't go in we would just try to set up a time that we could meet him at like a coffee shop in town and talk there. When we got there he invited us in and it just felt okay so we went in and the place was completely different and the guy we found out wasn't his friend at all and that he was gone. This guy was actually a really good guy and so we had a lesson with him and it was really good.

That is it for this week. 
Love you Elder Poll

Monday, March 7, 2016

Its's March

This week we had zone conference on Tuesday and it was interesting i learned a lot we talked about pride and how we shouldn't get caught up in it. That night we had ward council and pec as well and so it was a very long day full of meetings. so as you can imagine by the end our brains were fried. Wednesday we had a good day Brother Hansen took us out to lunch then we had coordination with him after, One thing we learned at our meeting on Tuesday is that in the next 4 months we are supposed to contact as many if not all of the less actives in our areas. We have lots and they live in obscure places and so we decided to hit a few of them this week so we biked out to Madley a village in the middle of nowhere and contacted a cool guy and we are going back out there on Thursday to see him again and see if we can't get him back out to church. Later that night we went to young mens and they went bowling this week and it was fun we had a bit of a bonding experience with them and it was good, I think I can see the influence we are starting to have by being at the youth activities and its good. Thursday we did some finding in the morning then we had exchange with the Worcester elders I stayed here this time with elder S. He is a funny guy but can't bike to save his life, and we had to bike out to a members house that lives out of town for a service project with them straight after we got back exchanging in Worcester. Friday we did some visiting of some less actives that we have been working with and then we were supposed to catch a train back to Worcester to swap back but we missed the train and so we did some street contacting for about and hour then caught the next one. but that then made us late for our lesson with Allan. Cool but sad news about Allan he had a surprise meeting on Thursday and had to leave for china on Saturday because his nursing home company that is expanding into China want him to be the manager there and so do all the Chinese people in the deal so he had to rush off to China this weekend so that's the cool part the sad part is that he was supposed to be coming with us to church this Sunday but couldn't because obviously he was in China. Saturday we moved a piano with Bro L he and his family have been wanting to get a piano and they found one that some one was trying to get rid of so he jumped on it and we helped him move it man I forgot how heavy a piano is and this one felt heaver than grandmas piano that we have moved a couple of times. and then later that day we went out to Credinhill to do some work out there, lots of people didn't want to talk to us. 
Sunday we had church and it was a really good fast Sunday then we went out to see a few more less actives out in far places because we are taking advantage of the good weather. That night we had call ins and right after call ins we had a referral come in so we are planning to go and see them today and hopefully it goes well.
Transfers are next week on Tuesday they have moved it up to Tuesdays now because some thing to do with them increasing the mtc time back to 3 weeks and all of that stuff and so now we will get our transfer calls on Saturday night and then leave on the Tuesday. As for leaving I have a feeling that I am but we will have to wait and see. 
Love you guys and will talk to you next week

Elder Poll

Monday, February 22, 2016

Watch out for Birds!!!

So this week was a bit ruff for work in some ways but good in others, we had one of our investigators drop us but we also because of that did a lot of focus on finding and were able to find quite a few
potentials this week. We will follow up on them this week and see if we can turn some of them into new  investigators. We also had a few appointments. One with a drunk guy that we met but he didn't show up,
probably for the best because I think all he wanted was charity from the church, and we were going to have to explain that they look at a persons financial situation and what and how hey spend there money before they will just give you stuff. And from talking with him before it sounds like all of his money goes into fueling his addictions so he wouldn't have been happy with us telling him we would help him to get unaddicted to the stuff so he can use the money to support himself.On Wednesday our main focus was a finding day and it went rather well we went a little further out of town than probably previous missionaries have and did some tracking out there and it went quite
well. The day had started out quite rainy but by the time we were heading out for most of the finding we were going to do it lighted up and finally stopped. 😄 On Thursday we had district meeting, and then we did some service for a member digging a trench/pathway so he could get concrete poured later in the week.
On Friday we had a funeral to attend at the chapel. We were asked to be the parking attendants at the chapel and also at the grave site making sure everyone could fit in and all that, and food was provided after
so naturally the elders were invited for that also. Then we went out and did some finding and then we had an appointment on he edge of town with a student out there and as we were on our way we looked around
because you could hear what we thought was a lot of wind but we did not feel any wind. So we kept going we got there and then we heard the sound again and then what we thought was rain but it wasn't. When we
looked up it was a huge and  I MEAN HUGE FLOCK OF BIRDS and what we thought was rain was POOP. And we took cover but it was no use I was hit multiple times and so was elder Decker. On Saturday our day was filled completely with finding but we had one lesson that night which went well we got him to commit to church
not this coming week but the next but still progress.Sunday we had church, but on our way to church actually
before we even left a member pulled up in front of our window on a bike and waited for us to get the rest of our stuff together and then road with us to church. He is a bit of an eccentric biker and lives farther out from church than us. Then after church we had dinner with a member family and then we did some tracking and it was one of those streets that everyone slams he door but then we did get a few at the end of the street that were nice and said we could come by another day.  Then we went by a less active member and they are way cool we are still trying to find out why they don't come out to church anymore, And that was our week.
Love you guys

Elder Poll

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feb 15

So this week has been a bit of a long short crazy week. short because it felt like it past in a flash. long because all of the things that we did. crazy because we had lots of travel for meetings and stuff. Monday night it was quite funny I had my email mostly typed and was getting ready to send it when the power went out here at the chapel and I lost it all and the power didn't come back on for about a half hour is what we heard. When it didn't come back on in a few min we headed out because we were almost out of pday time and we needed top find some wifi to send our emails from. and we did luckily. We have an investigator that doesn't live to far away from here so we went there and used the internet to send our stuff. then we went to visit a less active member and see how they were doing and we had a lesson with them and they are helping a friend out that is between houses at the moment and so we were able to share the gospel with him. Tuesday we were going around and doing some finding and visiting some less-active members and investigators letting them know about the ward activity that we had this Saturday  then we went to Worcester to exchange with the elders there for a few days. I stayed in Worcester and elder Decker came back with the other elder to Hereford. and it was cool because we had dinner with the Nolan's again and that was really great then John came with us to a lesson with a way cool investigator that the Worcester elders have. Wednesday we did some finding and it was funny walking the same old streets that I have walked before and seeing some of the same people. we also did some stop bys of some less active members that I had taught when I was there to see how they were doing and that was good the one is still quite good at coming out to church. That night in Worcester (when I was there we set up doing a games night every Wednesday night and it was quite good large turn out) and and they still do that and so we went there and had a nice night and A came and we got to talk and catch up on stuff. Thursday we had zone meeting and it was funny because there are 6 missionaries from my mtc group in the same zone as me and so it was good to see them again. and we learned qutie a few new things, and how president wants us to work more with members. It has now become a standard to visit two members every day weather that be active or less active it doesn't matter but at least 2 a day.
Friday was good in a few different ways a electrician came and checked our heater that hasn't been working and said yes its broken and so now we are going to get a new one soon. We were able to see quite a few less active members and we did some service at brother hooks so that was nice some manual labor is nice every now and again. then we had dinner with a cool family from south Africa, and then we had a lesson with Allan. on Saturday we had the ward activity and then we did some finding. 
on Sunday we had a good church meeting and a quick ward council before church and we talked with bishop and got us all on the same page we had both come to talk to each other with the same idea and so as we talked we were both happy that we were on ths same page already and so we put that in to place and that was to get the members more involved in the teaching by scheduling with different members single and couples a night that they have free to come teaching with us and then we will try our very best to fill that time with a investigator lesson if we can and if we can't then we will go and visit different members of the ward that might just need a visit weather they be active less active of what ever. so that we get to teach more with the members. We thought we were going to a members farm today but then we got a call from him last night an he had to go to wales and help a friend move. so we did some shopping and also move the furniture around in our flat because they are coming to install a new heater.
Thats it for this week.

I love you guys and I pray for you always.
Love Elder Poll