Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two Flat Tires!!

So this week things have been a bit slow and fun and interesting.Wednesday we were supposed to have coordination meeting but Brother V just adopted a baby boy this week and so he is still having a hard time adjusting. So we had to cancel that one and try again the next night and he succeeded in getting him to sleep while we were all there and then we had to sneak out of the house because they have a few lose floor board that squeak so we had to avoid touching them because the baby is a really light sleeper. But we all made it out without waking him up. Monday we had FHE but not many people showed up. Tuesday we had a lesson with our polish less active, and did a few stop by's and then we taught the young men for there activity on missionary work. Wednesday morning I got a flat tire and so we took the bus up to a far part of our area and did some work there. Friday we went and saw Steve and it was good he still has the question about the Sabbath day and why did it need to change and who said so and all that. He seems to agree with everything else. But keep him in your prayers about that. He is on a date for the July 2nd we are pretty sure he will make it. Then on Sunday we went to church and it was raining till about the end then it stopped and we did a few stop by's and then right as we got out of town I got a flat tire again and so we had to walk back. It is all good though because this week we will be taking buses because it is supposed to rain all week and Elder W's bike is getting an overhaul. All in all it was a good week. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Poll

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