Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two Flat Tires!!

So this week things have been a bit slow and fun and interesting.Wednesday we were supposed to have coordination meeting but Brother V just adopted a baby boy this week and so he is still having a hard time adjusting. So we had to cancel that one and try again the next night and he succeeded in getting him to sleep while we were all there and then we had to sneak out of the house because they have a few lose floor board that squeak so we had to avoid touching them because the baby is a really light sleeper. But we all made it out without waking him up. Monday we had FHE but not many people showed up. Tuesday we had a lesson with our polish less active, and did a few stop by's and then we taught the young men for there activity on missionary work. Wednesday morning I got a flat tire and so we took the bus up to a far part of our area and did some work there. Friday we went and saw Steve and it was good he still has the question about the Sabbath day and why did it need to change and who said so and all that. He seems to agree with everything else. But keep him in your prayers about that. He is on a date for the July 2nd we are pretty sure he will make it. Then on Sunday we went to church and it was raining till about the end then it stopped and we did a few stop by's and then right as we got out of town I got a flat tire again and so we had to walk back. It is all good though because this week we will be taking buses because it is supposed to rain all week and Elder W's bike is getting an overhaul. All in all it was a good week. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Poll

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last transfer!!

So things this week have been a bit weird for me seeing Elder Pillay go home and realizing that I am not far off from there. My new companion is Elder Willliams he is from Billings Montana, from what I can tell so far it will be a really good last transfer. The weather here has been so hot the past few days I have been sweating bullets, especially since we have been back to biking so I am sweating even more. Steve has been out of town for he past week and he didn't get back in time for the conference sadly but we are going to try and see him today. But the work this week has been mostly with less actives we have been able to see quite a few of them that we hadn't met before and hopefully we should see some progress with some of them soon.  I think that a few of them just need a bit of a reminder of how important church is and then they will come back.

It is crazy to think that it is June already months have just melted away. Yesterday was pretty cool to see Elder Oaks. Sadly I did't get to shake his hand but the conference building that we were in was really good there wasn't really any bad seats you could pretty much see from anywhere and he talked a bit about the importance of the Sabbath day and the way we should keep the Sabbath is by not doing anything that detracts from worshiping the Lord of from spending time with family. He also talked about the true value of things in our
lives and how we should search out what is of true worth in our eternal lives and to seek after that with all our might. Then he closed with a testimony of the godhead of how that are not a trinity but are three distinct beings and what there roles are. It was really good Elder Kearon of the area presidency spoke as well. He is the one that
spoke in conference just past about the importance of helping refugees. He spoke on the same topic in this conference. It was a great meeting. 

That's all for this week. Love you guys
Elder Poll

Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 30th

Well Elder P goes home tomorrow well goes to the mission home tomorrow but flies out on Wednesday night and gets home on Thursday. My new companions name is Elder Willliams don't know anything else
really about him. This week has been really good and really tiring we have been able to have two awesome lessons with Steve and he was at church Sunday, and he is just doing awesome when we meet with him it's more like he is teaching himself and we are just clarifying for him on a few things. His biggest question he has had so far is about the Sabbath being moved from the Jewish Sabbath which is Saturday to Sunday which we now use.  So today we had to go to the mission home anyway for Elder P's departing interview so I asked president for some scripture references about it and so that was good. Monday we spent most of the day running around getting souvenirs for Elder P and his family  then in the evening we had dinner with a cool family. Then on Tuesday mostly did finding and some visits. On Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Steve and also stopped by
some less actives. On Thursday we also had a lesson with Steve and a lesson with a Sikh (seek)  guy and it went okay but his friends were there and we pressuring him a little bit it felt like. Then on Friday it was supposed to be a really busy day with some potentials but none of them showed up. But then we had dinner and a lesson with one of our part member families from Poland and man that was the biggest meal I have ever eaten. A whole plate full of boiled potatoes sliced with some cream of mushroom sauce and then to breaded and fried pieces of pork. I was so full and could burst the she brought out the ice cream. But we had a good lesson and it was really cool and they were at church Sunday as well. On Saturday we had a slower day because Elder P had the interview today and because he didn't want to pack on Sunday we spent a good portion of it getting him last minute things and him saying some good byes to people that wouldn't be to church and him packing. But we also did a few stop byes and met a cool less active guy that he doesn't come out to church mostly because of a medical condition. Sunday it was really cool almost everyone we invited came to church we had Steve, our part member family, and three less actives at church it was probably the best turn out of my entire mission. And it was fast and testimony meeting for us here because next week we have a cool tri stake conference with Elder Oaks so it should be really cool. I hope I get a chance to shake his hand because then it will make it my third apostle on my mission that I have met. But with it being a tri stake thing most likely not. This week is going to be interesting and maybe a bit slow because Steve is on holiday this week and won't be back till Sunday just in time for the conference. I think this week we will mostly be stopping by less actives and trying to get our ward list under control. And inviting everyone to the weekly activities that we are going to start holding at the chapel.

Love you guys and thanks for your support
Elder Poll