Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Watch out for pigeons!!!

 So i got pooped on by a pigeon, and my bike helmet got stolen but its okay I am doing fine.

Ya it has been one of those kind of weeks. it started out pretty awesome we had a week full of good stuff planned. Tuesday was good some of our appointments canceled but we were okay good weather and good work got done, and we had a DA with a member that loves horses so I got to talk horses for like an hour with her, (she is the one that wants to see pictures of the horses please send some) and then we also baked cookies to take to our investigators because that is what previous missionaries said they had done so we tried our best, I thought they tasted good.
Wednesday was good we had a lesson with a couple and that went really good I think then we went up to Ponty pool area and stopped by some people up there and had dinner with them and our new member came as well and that was awesome.Thursday was were things started to go badly for me. the morning was fine all good just a bit rushed. Our interview with president go moved up at the last second so we rushed to a train, had district meeting and interviews and that was really good President Leopard is really cool and chill. then we came back and with trains it always takes you twice as long to do something than needs to be done, so we didn't get back till 5:40 but that's okay then we went straight to a DA with brother Forward and that was good as always that guy is a spiritual giant, then we went to meet with a less active in town and that's when it happened the great poop. We were sitting on a bench in town talking to him and just out of the blue a pigeon swoops and poops and it hit me on the hand the head and the back, i do feel a bit luck because it wasn't like the black and white poops it was clear like pee or some thing but it was still gross and our investigator and Elder D. laughed at me. So we got back to the flat I changed and washed my head and hand and tried to forget about it. then on Friday everything was going fine a few of our lessons flogged or canceled on us but that's normal for missionary life, one had just gotten out of the hospital and didn't feel well enough to meet with us, so we went and did a little tracting and that's when my helmet got nicked (stolen sorry British English) while we had our bike locked up. we locked our bikes up but usually we don't worry to much about our helmets because who really wants to steal a sweaty nasty helmet and especially mine it has a few dents in it from my wreck and ya its just rubbish but they took mine and left elder D. and his is like brand new mine is three years old. but anyway I was without a helmet for a few days. we went back to our flat and all elder D could do was laugh at me, and also the weather on Friday was awful rain pouring down all day. I changed my cloths once and almost twice but by the time you get soaked through the second time you are just used to it so I didn't bother to change again. 
On Saturday we were pretty booked up with appointments so I didn't think I would have time to look for a helmet but then one of our appointments flogged so we went a looked at one store and they wanted 15£ for a helmet and I wasn't going to pay that much and we didn't have time to look at any other shops so I just went without. I was just really careful. Yesterday it rained all day pretty much again so we were all decked out in our rain gear water proof trousers and i got smarter and double jacketed, because no matter how good of a water proof you have it will go through at some point so I put on two one to get rid of most of the water and one to keep the rest off of me. and it was a good day two lessons and a DA, then later that night after planning there was a knock on our door and  an investigator of ours (we had mentioned that my helmet got stolen and she must have mentioned it to,  her uncle who's wife is a member) he came and gave me a helmet and said that he hadn't even opened it and had had it for 20 years because he always meant to ride his bike but never did, so now I have a helmet.

So that has been our epic adventure of the week.

love you guys!

Elder Poll

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Here's the last two weeks

July 20

So I will be here for a while i think at least till the end of the transfer because after we finished emailing last week they called and told elder Rasmussen that he was leaving and that they would pick him up in 3 hours so it kind of ruined our pday we basically just went home and he packed and then left then we went a got our shopping done and that was it. Now it is just me and my companion from south Africa and he is cool we get along alright so things are good.This week we were all over the place in and out of both areas and stuff.
Tuesday we had a cool lesson with Donna a former investigator that is really interested but just really busy so previous missionaries gave up on her but that was good. Please pray the we will be able to meet up with her again this week. then we had dinner with a very cool family the ones we helped move in last transfer and he does a home business in razors for shaving and he just gave a us a free set of shaving stuff so I have the fancy brush and soap and cool razor to use.
Wednesday we had  zone meeting and it was cool i got to meet the Elder from Ben's ward he is being trained in my zone. We had a lesson with a recent convert she is from china.
Wednesday we helped a member move out of the ward to Sommerset. and that was good some good old fashion physical labor.The rest of the week was pretty much finding but it was all good 
oh ya we had a record for DA's this week we had 5 that might even have topped any of my other areas for how many in a week. and this week we have three, but we are really trying to get into members houses not just for food. We have the money for food, but just to get to know everyone, Have you guys had the missionaries around much in the home ward since I have been out or not really.
Also one of our investigators just went into labor on Saturday and it was early she should still be a month or so away from 9 months so she was in the hospital and just got out this morning so we are going to take her cookies tonight and see how she is doing. But that's about it for this week.

thanks guys love you.

July 13


So new this week if you couldn't guess from my statement about companions I will inform you I am back into a tripanionship for the second time on my mission. So transfers brought some weird news Monday night we got the call we were staying but on Tuesday morning as we were going to get my bike fixed we walked about 10 min away from the flat and got a call telling us that our area is closing down and that we needed to get our flat all packed up and cleaned up so they could give it back to the rental agency. Elder B would be going to Kidiminster in a tripanionship and that i would be going to Cwmbran a flat with the other elders in a tri so that was our day on Tuesday packing everything up into boxes. Lucky for us a member had just moved in and they said that we could have some of there boxes so we boxed and cleaned everything and the other elders came and helped us and we got it all done just in the nick of time. Me and elder B were up till probably 12 getting everything clean. then on Tuesday I took elder B to Cardiff and he got on the coach and left for Kidiminster then I was back in a tri with the other elders, we were lucky enough to have some really cool members that gave us some help with getting my stuff from one flat to the other and also getting my bike there as well. (still wasn't fixed yet because we had to go back and clean the flat instead of getting it fixed). I did get my bike fixed today all the way, the handle bars actually were mostly ok they bent them back and that with it but I had messed up my back tire so I had to get a new one of those put on today so now everything is all good.
 I could move at any time to a new area and out of a tri or I could stay like this for a whole transfer, I just don't know, I am honestly not sure if i should give you my new address.
Anyway needless to say this week has been interesting to say the least 3 guys again in one room but at least I have a good mattress and neither one snores so I can get some sleep. Elder S snored really bad, and on the plus side I have a bed frame now, 
So as investigators go i just gained about 10 so that was good, and both of my new comps are cool.
So amazing. funny stuff one of my comps now is elder Rasmussen but no relation to pres, and
Elder D is my other one he is from South Africa, elder R is from Sandy Utah.
This week has been interesting and good and I love you guys and I will send more to you next week about how our tipanionship is going, 

Love Elder Poll

Monday, July 6, 2015

 Just a little bike crash

So positive news we do have a new investigator and we should be getting
one later this week as well. And oh
we went to castle today for pday it was awesome I was off to a ,out
amazing pday until I crashed on my bike and now my head and my leg
hurt. And I need to fix my handlebars on my bike.
President  is cool I thought he would be a bit scary at first
because when he first walked in he didn't smile or anything but as
soon as he started to talk to us he asked each of us to come up and
shake his hand, when we did he was smiling and laughing and joking
around I even hugged him and I was the first one to do that then after
me all the elders did. It was pretty funny though because elder B
told me he was going to hug president and I joked with him just don't
kiss him and it will be okay but then elder B was before me and
he didn't even hug him and I didn't even mean to hug him I got into a
half hug then felt awkward and pulled out then he said elder it's okay
to hug me if you want to and so I finished the hug, but he is cool. By
the end of he meeting he was joking with us. What really surprised me
though was the fact that they are really young and they told us that he
hadn't really held large and important callings they had just been
called out of the blue.
But the rest of this week has been pretty normal finding and more
finding, I used to find it really discouraging to go finding for hours
and not find anyone but then you realize that they are not rejecting
you they are rejecting the Savior and I am not saying that that makes
it easier to find but that it does make it sting a little less.
And oh we went to castle today for pday it was awesome I was off to a great
amazing pday until I crashed on my bike and now my head and my leg
hurt. And I need to fix my handlebars on my bike.
But the castle was amazing.

Love you
Elder Poll