Saturday, March 19, 2016

Staying in Hereford for now...

I am staying in Hereford for now not sure how long though because we are going into a trio again for me this is the third time on my mission. We will add elder Smith he is from Jamaica. He will be with us after tomorrow. Trio's don't usually last very long.  The longest one I have had so far was 7 days so I might still move somewhere else I don't know yet. 
Monday we did some stop bys and visited some people in the area because we thought it might be my last week here and so we wanted to see everyone that we could and invite them to church and possibly say good bye. 
Tuesday I mentioned about going out to do some visits with our ward mission leader he helped us to get out to some of the addresses in the unknown file that live quite far out of town that morning then we went and did some work in Ledbury one of the larger villages that is in our area that has a train stop.  
Wednesday we helped bro H with some service he has really injured his back and also really appreciates our help with big jobs and so we helped him wash his big classic car and then he made us lunch and talked a bit about things that are new to him and about the church because he hasn't been a member for long and with his health he misses a lot of Sundays when he is really bad. As thanks though he took us for a ride in his car on Friday that I thought was just going to be a run around the block but turned into a lot longer ride than we planned but while we were gone for a ride his wife cooked us dinner. 
Thursday we had zone meeting in Cheltenham and that was a long travel day. and do you remember how I mentioned that I took that other bike to the shop to have them fix it well they did and I sold the other bike to a missionary in Worcester and so now I have a new bike and its really nice, Anyway after we got back from zone meeting the bike was ready for pick up and we needed it. We had planned a visit a bit farther out of town someone that needed contacting and it was a good first ride out on the bike. and we did contact them but it was a address unknown file person and the person we thought lived there didn't actually live there he moved a year or so before so it was a fun ride but not as much success and we had hope for. Friday we had quite a few appointments one with someone who is an active member of the ward that we are helping her to stop smoking then we saw a member who has sever health problems that keep her from coming to church and then we went out to brother H's to help with one more project and then that's when he gave us a ride in his car and then we had another visit that evening as well and so that has been a pretty good day.
Saturday was good but really tiring we had an appointment with a less active an his family that aren't members in the morning and that went really well. He wants to get back to church and she is interested in hearing the lessons. then from there went to Leominster a large village in our area and did some visits there and then we biked back from that and did some more visits along the way back in other villages that we have been to before and had some people that told us to come back then we had dinner with a less active family there. Then home to wait for transfer calls. We got told that we were staying and that we were getting another elder.and to be honest I wanted to go but it didn't feel like I would but I did know that something would change, because when it came to weekly planning right before transfers if I am going to go I don't seem to feel much inspiration on what to teach and things and so even though I kind of wanted to move I knew that I wasn't going to go quite yet so ya thats what happened.
Sunday after church we did some stop by's and the spirit I believe led us to go the way we did because on our way towards home we were still stopping by everyone on our map that was along our path and so we stopped by this guys that a month a go we ran into and went to visit and he was sick but his friend wanted to listen and we taught him but he was just on drugs at the time so we told ourselves we wouldn't go back, but I felt like we should give the guy another shot and so we just decided that we wouldn't go in we would just try to set up a time that we could meet him at like a coffee shop in town and talk there. When we got there he invited us in and it just felt okay so we went in and the place was completely different and the guy we found out wasn't his friend at all and that he was gone. This guy was actually a really good guy and so we had a lesson with him and it was really good.

That is it for this week. 
Love you Elder Poll

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