Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No longer in a Tri... yea

This week we had some really good days we were able to see 9 less actives this week and 6 of those were all in one day. It was awesome we went with brother Hansen to see some people whose records have recently come into he ward and they wanted us to check and see if it's the right person or not living there. One of those was really good the guy was nice not interested in  having us coming back to church but really nice. And then we went by another guy and his wife was the head master of this private school and they didn't want anything to do with us, and pretty much told us to get lost. But then later we went and visited some other less actives and it was really good nice day. On Monday night we got a call saying elder D was Leaving and then we went and did some swaps with a member since there was three of us
they took elder D and went home teaching and elder S and I went and did some visits. On Tuesday we did some finding in the morning and then and did some stop byes and then we had dinner with some members and then a lesson with a less active.I already told you about Wednesday and then Thursday we had district meeting and stopped off in Ledbury and did some work there and then something that elder D has wanted to do since a member suggested it and since he is leaving we did it. And it almost killed elder S he can't bike much so it took us forever. Then that night we had a lesson with a less active member and it was good her husband isn't a member. Elder smith got a flat tire on the way back and so we were almost late for curfew but then a member helped us out. He took the broken bike and elder D. Elder S and I biked back home. Friday we went and did some visits to some less actives and then we did service for a member and did some planning. Saturday we
went to Wolverhampton to a baptism that elder S set up before he left and got permission to go back to and so we went with him.then we had dinner with a member. Sunday we went and visited some members so elder D could say goodbye. Then today he has been packing and we went and climbed a hill so we could get a better view of the whole city so we could take some pictures.
We also went and did some service for a member this week and got there kids petting farm ready to open for the year and they told us on Sunday they had over 700 people come on the first day. That is the biggest they have ever had.
I am so excited for conference this week it is going to be awesome. The only part that isn't going to be so cool is that we have to be in Hereford for the whole thing because they have asked us to run the broadcast here for them because bishop is going to be out of town. And so are lots of the members so all the other missionaries in the stake will be in Cheltenham and we have to stay in Hereford.😢😢 that means it may be a bit less exciting because it will be only us. But I will survive.

Love you guys. And I pray for you always.
Elder Poll

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