Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 Getting a new Mission President.

This week has been tiring but good and still not quite what I was hoping. So we still don't have any new investigators this week but we did have a few people tells us we could come back by so that was progress as we went by some former investigators. It was interesting to read some of the descriptions for people then meet the actual people and some times the description fits and some time you look and your like what was that elder thinking when he wrote this, or has this person changed that much since the missionaries last saw him. So the work is slow right now.
This week i went on exchange to New Port with elder Jam Jam from .South Africa he is cool but it was a pretty lame exchange because he had earlier that week been at an investigators house and went upstairs to use the toilet and on his way back down he slid or fell he doesn't really remember how it happened just one min he was at the top of the stairs the other he was are the bottom in lots of pain, He landed on his back and the doctors said that he has deeply bruised muscle and bones so he was on crutches and pain killers when I was with him and so he couldn't do a  lot and he was just tired all the time form the pills so we taught a lesson and then had a dinner appointment and then went back to the flat and he went to bed and I was board for like 4 hours, 
Cool... new this week we helped a new family move in and they are awesome and they are the stake presidents in-laws and they have already set a good impression in my mind probably because after we finished  they told us that they would have us over for dinner as soon as they got settled and that they would like to have us over whenever they can to eat with them. It is just the two of them and they like company so that's nice. 
Also i think we are starting to make a better impression on the members than the last missionaries did because the members are all wanting to have us over for dinner. This week we have three DA's which is like a record for this area for the past 6 months I have heard so that's nice.
I will try to get the info on presidents home coming and stuff so that you can go and meet him, he is leaving on Wednesday. I love the guy and I can't believe that he is leaving it's going to be weird being here without him. It will be interesting to see how things change with President Leopard. I don't anticipate any big changes for at least 6 weeks maybe more then things might change.
I love you guys and I will let you know how things go with the new mission president

Love Elder Poll

Sunday, June 28, 2015

This has been a hard week

So this week has been good but also depressing I wish I had some
really great things to say like we are teaching lots people but right
now we are not teaching anyone so it's been a rough week for me when we
did our weekly planning it was sad. All we did was plan ideas to find
new investigators and stuff. We had a hard week and we will
probably have a hard week ahead.

So this week we biked to Blaenavon a really far obscure part of our
area and it took us 1 1/2 to bike there without stopping. My butt was
so sore and my legs were burning but at the same time it was a good
burning like I was working hard but I slept really good that night. I
fact funny thing my companion says I snore really bad but that it
didn't start until after our meeting with elder Holland but he says
that I have snored ever since. I don't really care how I sleep and
 he gets enough sleep but he wishes that I would stop snoring.
I found some cool post cards that I am going to send they are Welsh
stuff and it is really cool. Welsh is cool I want to learn it after my
mission.  Well I love you guys and I am not sure what else to tell you
other than I am really excited because next week we are going to visit
Caerphilly castle for pday.

Love and prays
Elder Poll

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Got to meet Elder Holland...Awesome!!!

So this week has been crazy but good we had exchanges and also our over nigher in Cardiff so we could go to our meeting with Elder Holland on Thursday. by the way that meeting was awesome I made a voice recording about it it is on dropbox. Also Monday we went to a mine shaft and got to tour that and it was awesome we went a mile under the ground and it was so cool and there are pictures of that on drop box but they wouldn't let us take pictures in the mine for fear of static that could spark an explosion. honestly most of our week is on the voice recording.
Also we went this morning to get Elder B a new suit with some members because Elder B didn't have a suit so the members wanted to get him one and it is really nice. I was really happy for him. The new bike is awesome. Thanks for the scripture about the jw's we see them almost every day and people get us confused with them. About every day people go past us and yell bible bashers and stuff but its alright.
We have a new investigator his name is Michael we met him while we were street contacting in Pontypool but we didn't think it would go anywhere. Then out of the blue he text us and asked if we could meet so we did and it is going well. He might have some concerns about the word of wisdom but we will cross that bridge when we get there.
That's about it for this week love you guys and listen to the voice recording so you can get the rest of the week stuff

Love and prayers Elder Poll
So we listened to the voice recording and he talked about how great the message that Elder Holland gave was. He said that they got there a little early so the got a really good seat. They were on the 3rd row so they could even see him spit. He said it felt like Elder Holland was talking directly to him. 
Before the meeting he and each missionary was able to shake his hand. They got to tell him there name and where they were from. When Elder Poll told him his name and where he was from he asked if he was Bob Poll's grandson. (Apparently Bob was in the same mission with him and they were in the mission office together and traveled around the mission quite a bit together.) Anyway he was excited Elder Holland told them that as he was shaking their hands he was conducting a personal interview with each of them. He told them that usually he has to give the obedience talk. But he felt after talking to each one that he was able to give a different talk and he gave them a great one on the Atonement.  Elder Holland was there with a couple of area seventy's and they spoke for a few min. And Blake said that while they were speaking that you could watch Elder Holland almost like he was receiving revelation right there about what to speak about. He was very impressed and it was the best meeting he has ever been to.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Broke My Bike

I broke my bike and so i need to buy a new one today. It was sad we were biking this last week and i broke my back tire and messed up all the gears. and now it will cost more for me to fix my bike that to just get a new one. but I am not going to make the same mistake that i made on the last one i am going to spend more and get one that won't give me problems. I have had it  for about 10 months but in my first two areas i didn't really use it and now I came here and use it every day and I broke it in a week and then I payed a bit to fix it the first time and then it broke worse and now I need a new bike. I also tried to talk to some of the missionaries going home and most of them don't have bikes or have broken them or they are about to brake so I thought well that stinks. i wish i had the bike i left bike home it is nice and doesn't brake and its a good brand and it is easy to fix and my bike here is none of those.
Other than the bike thing the only real excitement was that Elder Holland did come to Scotland and they broadcast that to the whole uk Ireland and Scandinavia and he is still coming to talk to us on Thursday. man I am so excited and his talk on Sunday was so cool he talked about the book of Mormon and how important it is and it was just so powerful he did a pulpit slam with his book of Mormon and it was awesome. Oh we had zone meeting and I got to see some of the kids from my group that were in the mtc with me and it was really cool they are still the awesome guys that I remember. and kind of funny one of them is actually serving in the same ward as me here in Cwbrawn. 
so to explain the tripanionship thing. it was because there were extra missionaries but also I feel like now that it was a blessing to get here early so that elder s could show me around so i could learn the area because elder B doesn't really know the area because he had only been here 4 weeks and he is not good with directions and reading maps and stuff. so I know my way around the area as good or better than elder B. but that's okay he is a cool guy. 
Man I missed Alma camp dang I love that place it was such a good preparation for the mission and it really helped me to learn and recognize when I was feeling the spirit.
As for investigators we don't really have any right now so could you just pray that we might find some people and that they will keep there appointments. We have been challenged to get 2 new investigators before Elder Holland speaks to us and we are currently and 0 so your prayers would be much appreciated.
Man it sounds like you guys have a lot of projects going. we have a few here ourselves. There are a few members that live not to far from us that are elderly and so they need a bit of help with there back yards. Can I just say the i miss gas powered tools that are so much more powerful and get the job done way quicker. and also I am glad we don't have any Japanese knot weed in our yard. we were helping a member try to remove some this week and it is worse than thistle not as pokey but it takes over everything and is near impossible to get rid of.
Speaking of president packer I met his grandson he is serving in Burton my first area and he is way cool he goes home at the end of this transfer with Elder D and Elder M.
also exciting this week we are going on exchange with the Newport elders but i will be staying here so I hope i don't get us to lost. 
That's about it for this week I love you guys 

Elder Poll

Thursday, June 4, 2015

 No more Tripanionship

So this week has been interesting we were still in a tripanionship
until Wednesday and we got the call on Monday on who was leaving and
who is staying so now it is just me and Elder B and things are
good we have had to start from scratch with investigators because when
I got here we had none. We have two now and maybe three after tonight.
Our flat is nice and it has carpet which I have missed for the last 6
months but in my mind the down side to our area is that everything is
so far apart and far away from us so we have to bike 30 min any
direction to do any real missionary work but it's okay my leg muscles
are getting massive like they are tight inside my trousers so that's
cool. It was nice overlapping with Elder S for a week though so
that he could teach me the area because Elder B doesn't really
know the area. He has been here 4 weeks and this is his second area so
he is still getting used to having to learn the area fast so I got a
week to learn how to get everywhere. I think I have it all stored
in my head. Oh and thanks for the update on everything back home.
I hope you are all well wish my best to everyone tell them I miss and love them I have to go

Lone you so much 

Elder poll