Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Good things happening

So this week has been really good and interesting lots of stuff happened. On Tuesday we went on exchange with the zone leaders so we were in Wolverhampton from Tuesday to Wednesday then Wednesday night we had a lesson with the Edwards. And then Thursday we had district meeting the last one of my mission. Friday I had to go to MLC mission leadership council the one with all the district leaders they have 2 times a year. When we got back from that and had lesson with Steve and he is so awesome.
On Saturday I had a awesome day. When I was in Worcester we were working with a part member family but it never felt like it was going anywhere and then when I was back in Hereford going on exchange to Worcester I go to teach them again. Then all of the sudden they made leaps and bounds of progress and Kiwi got baptized on Saturday and I didn't find out till Tuesday when I was on exchange with the zone leaders. Elder R also served in Worcester and so he knew and told me and I got permission from president to go. It was awesome. She looked so good in white she is only 9 but her older brother is 14 and he is planning on baptism soon as well. And then on Saturday night we went to visited a less active at the farm shere she keeps her horses, she showed us her horses and everything. They ride English and it was cool to see the difference in action on a horses back.  
That was pretty much it for the week. Steve is on a date for baptism on the 16 and the other elders have there investigator getting baptized on the same day. So that will be really cool. This week we have zone meeting and so that should be really good. Then the following week we have zone conference.

Love you guys 
Elder Poll