Sunday, April 17, 2016

Exchange to Worcester

The missionary work for the week we had a meeting with President on Tuesday then we were on exchanges from then till Wednesday. Me and Elder Starry had fun and worked hard and biked far. We also had a cool experience, on Saturday. We had zone meeting and then on our way home we planned to go see a potential we have in one of the smaller towns in our area. We went to see her but the only address we had for her was the little place that she doesn't actually live at so it was on chance that she would be there. The funny thing is she wasn't but her friends were and we had a good chat with them. She had mentioned us to them from the last time we met her and so we got talking to them and we got the chance to teach a lesson to one of them and we have an appointment with her on Wednesday this week so that's really cool.Then we got the phone number of another one. The rest weren't interested but it was a cool miracle. We also got to work in another smaller town in our area more as well because it is quite easy to access on the train so went there 2 times this week and saw some success so that was cool. and we were able to set up an appointment with the couple we had been working with that told us no more. We are having a family home evening with them on Friday so that's cool.
We also had a electrician finally come and fix our heater...yea.
Sad and cool news for this week.  I am going on exchange to Worcester tomorrow and that is cool but the sad part is this is the last exchange of the transfer so it may be my last time to do missionary work in Worcester and to see people here. So exciting and and sad all at once,but things are looking really promising in Hereford at the moment so its pretty cool.

As far as the refugee thing goes I haven't really seen it much but we here about it all the time. Some people are for it here and some are against most want to help but would prefer that they HELP THEM LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE is usually what they say is that they don't mind paying a bit to help but the situation of people without but housing is already a problem here so the don't know how they can help others with that if they can't help themselves. But I haven't really seen any to be honest though. I think they tend to go to the larger cities.

Love you guys.
Elder Poll

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