Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Awesome Week!!!

So this week started out really great and just got better. We went to the Royal Air Force museum with a veteran and he could tell us all about the planes. Well all of the older ones.Then we had dinner at the members house that makes armor so that was cool he has a suit that he made right in the front room. Tuesday we did service for that same member, we took down a tree for him. And then did some visits in that area and then did some stop by's of some less active members. Now that we finally have a ward list we have address for them all. Wednesday,I went on exchange with the other elders and worked with Elder Wall that was good we did a lot of stop by's and and stopped by Stevens house he is one of our investigators. His phones are always broken so we just have to drop in and set stuff up or a lot of times if he is there we just come straight in for a lesson and that is what happened with this week. Steve is a great guy but hadn't been making much progress because he was confused about the plan of salvation on a few things so we cleared that up and then this lesson we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he wanted to be baptized. So I was bold with him because he hasn't been making church a priority. For him it was just if I can I will make it. He mentioned that even after we are baptized we still sin and so there must be a way of fixing that so we told him about repentance and the sacrament, and this is where I got bold with him and said Steve you want to be baptized but I can't tell you yes until you promise to come to church every week because it needs to be a habit because you have been taught this stuff. Now you know that it is true and because you do you are held more accountable. Then I said Steve if you will commit to come every Sunday to church till the baptism unless something major comes up and you can't go that week then I would love to help you to be baptized and I think you could be ready on the 2nd of July. That was really good because he said yes. So please keep him in your prayers. Then we had coordination after with our awesome ward mission leader from Italy.  Thursday we had district meeting and it was ok and then we swapped back and had a dinner appointment with a cool family that I met when I was a greeny on exchange in Cannock. They have moved to Walsall ward so that was cool to see them again. Then we did some visits to less actives. Friday and Saturday were kind of uneventful. Everyone cancelled on us and all the stop by's we did only like 4 answered but that's okay after Wednesday nothing could get me down. Sunday it was so great we caught the bus to come to church and as we got on one of our part member families that we have been working with was on the bus coming to church. Then when we got to church everything was good but I was getting a bit worried because Steve wasn't there and our other less active we had been working with wasn't there and and I was freaking out and starting to get disappointed. It was ward conference this week and so they were doing all the sustaining and then at the end I just caught some movement out in the hall and it was Steve so I went out and greeted him. Elder Pillay was passing the sacrament so I just brought him in and we sat down and it was really great. He couldn't stay for the other two hours this time but said he should be all good for that from now on so it was really cool. And the other Polish speaking less active we have been working with showed up just a few min after Steve so it was way cool.
And that was pretty much my week. Elder Pillay goes home next week.

Love Elder Poll

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