Monday, May 9, 2016

Transferred to Walsall

Monday we were at the mission home for zone pday and it was really fun we had fun games and good food and got to hang out with lots of other missionaries so it was way cool. We played quidich from Harry Potter and our team won. President taught us some self defense classes and that was fun we got to throw each other on the floor. and then we had a roast hog provided by one of the members in Cheltenham, he is from Tonga and it was pretty cool. Then we went home to pack and get everything ready for me to go. Tuesday we had to get up early and be to Gloscster to take the coach to the mission home and then I met with elder Pillay and we took the train back to our area. We are really close to the mission home. When I say that I mean the sister missionaries that are in the ward the mission home is in are in our district so it is quite nice. We know whats going on everywhere in the mission because they know everything. Tuesday we also had a lesson with a cool part member family and then I got all unpacked and settled in, Wednesday we had to go to the other elders flat in our ward and pick up elder P's stuff because his companion went home early on in last transfer so he was in a trion with the other team and his stuff was there. Then we went and saw one of our investigators and then went to coordination and ward council then home..Thursday we had to go to the council office of the city because some one it the absence of missionaries living there the past transfer had stolen our rubbish bin so we had to go and get a new one ordered. then we had a lesson with one of our kind of investigators, I say kind of because she was ours and now she is not because she doesn't live in our area and so we had to pass her over to the Lichfeld elders which we did that on Saturday on a joint lesson. We are just hoping everything goes well because she is supposed to get baptized next Saturday. She is so ready and only has one lesson left to be taught to her so it should be okay we are just a bit worried. Friday we had district meeting and interviews with president and they went really good then we went to the mission office and had a talk with the housing coordinator about our flat because to put it nicely its in a really ruff part of town Our neighbor is a crazy lady that was banging on our door the other night and is just scary and crazy. We are on the top of there list to get us a new flat, we will see if it even happens or if it happens before I get home. then after we got back from the mission home we had a lesson and our investigator canceled last moment and then the member we had scheduled to come with us didn't show up. Saturday we spent the whole day traveling and having a lesson and travelling back from Lichfeild to pass our investigator over to the other elders. then we had a dinner appointment.
Sunday at church I saw a few people I have met before when I was first out on my mission and serving in Burton, because I am back in the same stake later we had a lesson with a less active member and then we headed back to the flat for call ins. I have been made district leader so i have to do call ins with the 2 other team and then with the zone leaders.
Elder P is my new companion he is from south Africa and he has been out longer than me he goes home at the end of this transfer He has been in the area for one transfer before me and so we are still trying to find our way around together getting lost some times but its okay.
The weather here has been crazy we have had a hail storm pretty much everyday with some snow and rain mixed in. weird weather. Elder P seems like a great guy so far and works hard so we get on just fine. I think things will be good and if not the transfer is only a 5 week transfer and he goes home at the end so I know I will get a new companion so we will see but i think thing should be fine. Walsall is pretty good it is the smallest of all my areas that I have had you can bike from one side to the other in a 1 hour and 40 min I would think. Big difference from Hereford. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Poll

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