Monday, March 23, 2015

Super Exciting Week!!!

So super exciting this week we have our baptism this Saturday and it is going to be awesome!!! It was really cool for me because on Sunday we were talking about it and he asked me to perform the baptism and so it is really exciting. I hope these white trousers I brought still fit and don't fall off me or I might have to borrow one of the jump suits from the church.
So as for this week things went really great it started out pretty scary but ended up really good.
To start we had had our investigator on a date for the 28th of march for a while and it all seemed to be going so well and then he was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and so we weren't able to meet with him and that set back our plans to commit him to give up his cigarettes early this week and so we thought that we would have to push his date back because they have to be clean on everything for at least a full week before the baptism. We weren't sure when he would be well enough to meet with us again. but by Wednesday things were good and we had received a email from president encouraging everyone that we had on a date for this month to keep there date and for those that were on for the first of next to ask them to move forward a few weeks. At first we thought he was a bit crazy and didn't know if it would work but then on Wednesday we got a text saying can we talk about baptism next time we meet. We saw him at games night and we set an appointment for Thursday and we talked about it with him and. basically told him that if he wanted to be baptized on the 28th then he needed to stop smoking and he said I think I can do that and so we have been helping and encouraging him every day to stay with it and he has and we double checked with him Sunday before church and he said ya so we announced it in church and so now we are having his baptism at 6 on Saturday. Please pray with us that he can keep off from smoking for good. The rest of our week has just been a blur for me besides that other cool stuff happened to.Our less active member got back together with his old girl friend and she was the one that really wanted them to get back together but he said that she had to at least listen and try out coming to church with him if she wanted to be with him because he has a really big dream of being married in the temple. She said yes and we had a lesson with her on Saturday and it was really good I think she liked it we are meeting with her on Thursday this week.
As for that guy that walked into church the other week he moved to Gloucester and said that he isn't comfortable with meeting with other people and so he didn't want us to ask the elders there to see him but we might have a try next time we are in Gloucester for a meeting and try to meet up with him and do a gentle pass off to the elders there.

Well that's pretty much it for this week and we have to go. I will send you some cool pictures from the baptism.
Love and prayers
Elder Poll

Sunday, March 22, 2015

 Still in Worchester

 So this week has been pretty normal. Elder D and I did not change we are still together for another transfer so no real change for us, but the sisters changed and so did the elders in our district Elder Clarke my New Zealand friend is training a new missionary from Pleasant Grove Utah and then sister M is finishing training a sister from Leeds area so a pretty new district but that's all good. but everything seemed to be pretty normal this week we met with most of our investigators and had an awesome games night we played murder in the dark at the chapel and it was great everyone loved it. We had mothers day yesterday because here it is on the 15 of March. They asked Elder D to speak and he pointed out that it wasn't actually mothers day for us but he gave a great talk anyway. Our investigator is doing great he is still struggling with being able to quit smoking but he is really trying so we are just encouraging him. his baptismal date is coming up soon so we are going to try to make a push this week to help him to stop but I think it will go well. we also had a lesson with tony this week at the Nolan's and that went okay I think. We taught two single guys about family and eternal marriage so it went as well as can be expected. Rory I think is doing okay we taught the law of chastity this week and that went about as well as you would think. We think he understood and accepted it but we will have to cover that again just in case.
We have a great week planned this week we have loads of dinner appointments set up for this week and we are feeling so blessed. Also since we will be together for another 6 weeks we bought all the big stuff in our groceries that we get to last us the whole transfer so full cupboards and fridge and freezer this week.
Wow mom you are growing Katie's hair out that's going to be interesting to see when you send pictures. speaking of pictures thanks for all of them it will be easier to explain some of the stories that I have told to elder D now that he can see who I am talking about. and wow everyone is getting so big. 
General Conference is coming up pretty soon and I am really excited it is a get spiritual experience. but our time are a bit messed up and when we watch what and at what time is still yet to be determined.
Sound like the barn is full of hooligans don't let them bring the thing to the ground before I get home I want to see it again when I get back.
Well that's it for this week.
Love you guys

Elder Poll

Monday, March 9, 2015

So this week has been pretty normal for us we saw pretty much all of our investigators this week so that was solid. and transfers are coming up this week so it was good to see everyone  just in case it is the last time. It probably won't be for me but elder Devitt we are pretty sure is getting moved but we won"t know until tonight. So if I move I will let you know tomorrow.
Tuesday we got our oven fixed and then as we went to leave after the guy fixed the oven the door handle broke off so that was great.We had inspections from the mission couple this week. When we got to our flat they were waiting for us. We almost forgot they were coming but when they got there we went to open the door and since the door knob was off we carry it in our back pack so we can still lock our door. We pulled it out of our pack to open the door and I think that was a little weird to them. We did pass our inspection with flying colors though. I really am a lot cleaner now then I was when I was home. Then we had a lesson with A and it went really good we then had Antony and then Rory with some finding in between those so it was a good day.
Wednesday we had coordination then we went and saw a member of the ward who is pretty old and he wasn't at church on Sunday so bishop asked us to go by and see him then we had games night. It was good the P family came and it was cool to have them there a then we had A and R there and they really love the games and the interaction.
Thursday we had zone meeting and that was really good then we went straight to our lesson with Tony and then we went by Patricia's to try to set up a lesson with her for this week. We spent at least 3 hours on trains between going to and coming back and going to Malvern so that tires you out a bit all that traveling even if all you have to do is sit there. Friday we were asked to go up to Bembow Pond and help with the parking for a commemoration that they were having up there.That is the place where Wilford Woodruff spent some time and many of the first members in that area were baptized in Bmebow Pond and other ponds in the area. Elder Holland was going to come but he or his wife had some health issues so he sent a video talk for the event. He is a descendent of some of the first people baptized there. Saturday all of our plans fell through so we did a lot of finding and less active stop byes. Sunday we had church and a lesson with Liam that went good I think he is starting to progress now and he is over 18 now so we don't have to worry as much about his parents now. We still don't want to get on there bad side but it wont stop us from teaching him now. And A is really moving along his date is the 28 of march so that is really exciting and he loves church and games night so it should be really good. Rory's baptism is off for now since it should be next week and he still has some things he needs to learn. We will reevaluate a date for him this next week.
Love you all and pray for you. Thank you for your support.
Elder Poll

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2

So family this week had been pretty normal it has been busy but that's because we like it that way and try to plan it that way. some days after we think we have finished planning we look at our schedule and and wonder where we are going to fit dinner in. Most times lunch gets planed in because our mornings aren't that busy but some days our evenings are so packed that we have to split dinner into two parts.The first is snacks to tide us over until 9 then we eat dinner. At 9 when we get into the flat we put dinner on to cook and then we plan and then have dinner some time around 9:30 ish. Don't think that every day is like that but some times usually Wednesdays because we have games night at the chapel and it take about an hour to walk there and it starts at 6:30 and we have to be there early to unlock the car park so people can come in so we leave our flat at about 5 to get there and 4 is usually our lesson with one of our investigators so we go from there house straight to the chapel and then have dinner when we get back. There are also the times that all of your plans fall through and you have plenty of time for dinner at a normal hour. Some days I wish that things would just even out and you can just plan things in perfectly but that seldom happens. This week we had a few days of both. Monday night everything fell through so there was to much time. Tuesday we had a great day had a lesson with A who is doing really well and I think will probably get baptized next transfer then we went to our sign lesson/dinner appointment with Antony, Then we went to ward council and when I was in ward council I wondered if it would be any different all over the world and how things would run or if they would be more or less efficient than it is here. It was good we were able to update the ward on our progress and ask for specific help, not just the someone to come teaching with us that they all read and ignore on our progress records. We were able to ask them face to face and get answers so that was good. Wednesday we went out to a little village in our ward boundary. We rode out there on an old rickety bus that I thought at times as I saw the next rise in front of us that it would not make it but it did and we got out to Tenbury, a cool little town that reminded me of some were between Mountain Green and Morgan to big for Mt. Green to small for Morgan but it was cool. we went out there to visit some less actives and we had fun with that but none of them were home so we will probably head out there maybe next week and try again. Then we went straight to games night were we had loads of fun we had a great turn out both R and A were there and we also had the support of the members so it was a blast. Thursday we had exchange with Evesham and I stayed here with Elder C and we had some fun we had coordination and then we had a great lesson with Tony. (I was supper worried about the lesson because Elder D usually does the majority of the lesson when it comes to signing and he wasn't there) but Sister N came with us and she has been signing for years so she just translated what I said and I didn't even have to worry about doing the signs and so we taught him about family history it was good. Then we went to the Nolan's for dinner after and they are just loads of fun they remind me of our family in a way.
Friday we had district meeting and then a load of lessons planned but all of them cancelled on us and so we went to visit a less active member. We were able to talk with him for a while so that was good. but we were glad to just talk on his door step because I finally understand what dad was talking about with houses that you don't want to sit down in and his is one of them. He is such a nice guy but he has major cleaning issues but the chat on the door step was good we talked with him for about an 1/2 hour. Then we went back and had dinner and did some late night finding. oh ya and elder D did a baptismal interview for one of the sisters investigators. Saturday we had his baptism and it was really cool Sister S who got transferred received permission to come back for the baptism and she was really excited for that, and Rory came to the baptism and I think that got him excited so we are going to talk about that with him tomorrow at our lesson. Sunday we had A at church and that was really good and then out of the blue a guy walks in and says that he has seen the light and that he want to be Christian so we talked with him for a bit and then he came with us to sacrament meeting and he even got up and bore his testimony about how God has already helped him in his life and stuff, it was interesting but good. Then we were able to participate in giving the gift of the holy ghost and that was really cool it was like I could feel the spirit flowing through me it was really cool. I haven't felt like that since in the special prayer in the temple my first time. Then we went and had dinner with a member and that was great especially because we missed all the rain while we were in there.
Love you all
Elder Poll