Monday, September 21, 2015

 Short Week

This week has been good we have a new investigator, he is from Nepal. Wow I just realized how may investigators we have from there we have 3 but luckily all of there English is very good. because my Nepalese is rubbish. the only words I have picked up are husband and wife because that's what we here all the time at our other investigators house. In there country it's respect full to just call each other husband and wife. This week has been good though we had a lesson with only a few investigators but we have been doing a lot of work with less actives. We had a fast with one  Saturday to Sunday to help him stop smoking. We also had exchanges this week. I went to New Port and that was nice a bit of change of scenery for a day.
I did have a few close calls on my bike this week I have decided that I am a horrible driver. I will try to be more careful this week that is one of my goals. The other is to write in my journal better. 

Well the fire alarm is going off so we have to go. Know I am fine and will talk to you next week. 

Love Elder Poll

Friday, September 18, 2015

Looking like school boys...

So this week was really tiring and good but most of our lesson canceled and rescheduled and school started back up over here last week and so we are back to looking like school boys again. Everyone over here for school wears a shirt tie and slacks. The ties are color coordinated for each school and stuff so we look kind of like school kids now.

In place of some of our lessons we were able to do a lot of service this week so that was nice. Saturday kind of felt like one back home working hard sweating a trying to make everything work the way you want it to.
We were helping a member move from one of the other wards in the stake to our ward. The other ward has two little sister missionaries and they wouldn't have been much help with all the big stuff that we were moving so we were given permission to leave our area for the day and to get them all moved. It was an all day thing from 10 in the morning till 9 at night. They had lots of stuff heavy stuff, and stairs in this country are narrow and steep and man was I tired after that I slept really well. 

Most of our week was taken up with meetings and finding. We had zone meeting on Wednesday and it was good but the things are going to be harder to implement than other training we have received. We were taught some different things to do then we had been doing before with our finding. Should be interesting.

We also helped a guy trim his hedge this week and I have to say I am becoming quite the master hedge trimmer. To bad we don't really have big hedges back home or I might have a job when i get home. As for our investigator she is doing good just busy for the next few weeks. She is heading off to Spain on Friday and won't be back for a week so we have a lesson with her on Thursday and then we will have to wait till she gets back.
I love you guys i will talk to you next week.
Elder Poll

Monday, September 7, 2015

Met a Prophetess...

Hi Everyone
So this week has been really good.
I had a really funny experience on Wednesday that made me laugh really hard. We had exchanges on Wednesday and so we went to New Port on the train to swap and when we got there the other team wasn't there yet. We were just standing in the station and a lady came up to us and asked if two good elders from the Mormon church would watch her bags for her while she went to go get her ticket and without thinking I said sure, she said thanks and left us with the bags. When she came back she went all funny and said she was a prophetess and she started prophesying over elder D and me and she told him that he wasn't yet worthy of heaven but that in ten days he would be and so he needed to be extra careful until then. Then she said that I was worthy of heaven and also told elder D to get off the computer that it was hurting his salvation and stuff. Then the funniest part is she looks right at me and she says there is a sister missionary in Blackwood that is blond and that we are to be wed in holy matrimony in 3 years. she is saying this deadly serious and I was just trying not to laugh and then she says HOLY MATRIMONY like its really important. She asked for my help to get her stuff through the security gates so I did then I had to go back and do our swaps. It was really funny she was leaving New Port and going to Scotland because she had seen a vision that all the cities were wicked and going to be destroy and stuff it was a hoot. So I now know who I am supposed to marry but I will keep her name to myself because you guys would just make fun of me and you don't need to know. That was probably the highlight of the week. but the rest was pretty good also.
Will you guys keep our investigator in your prayers things are really looking good. We had two lesson with her this week and she doesn't seem to have any big problems with anything we have taught so far but we haven't taught the word of wisdom yet so that might be a struggle. We will have to see. Oh also while on exchange this week I was with elder Berquist here in Cwmbran and he has actually served here before and so that was pretty fun. 
Well Love you guys. Elder Poll