Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feb 15

So this week has been a bit of a long short crazy week. short because it felt like it past in a flash. long because all of the things that we did. crazy because we had lots of travel for meetings and stuff. Monday night it was quite funny I had my email mostly typed and was getting ready to send it when the power went out here at the chapel and I lost it all and the power didn't come back on for about a half hour is what we heard. When it didn't come back on in a few min we headed out because we were almost out of pday time and we needed top find some wifi to send our emails from. and we did luckily. We have an investigator that doesn't live to far away from here so we went there and used the internet to send our stuff. then we went to visit a less active member and see how they were doing and we had a lesson with them and they are helping a friend out that is between houses at the moment and so we were able to share the gospel with him. Tuesday we were going around and doing some finding and visiting some less-active members and investigators letting them know about the ward activity that we had this Saturday  then we went to Worcester to exchange with the elders there for a few days. I stayed in Worcester and elder Decker came back with the other elder to Hereford. and it was cool because we had dinner with the Nolan's again and that was really great then John came with us to a lesson with a way cool investigator that the Worcester elders have. Wednesday we did some finding and it was funny walking the same old streets that I have walked before and seeing some of the same people. we also did some stop bys of some less active members that I had taught when I was there to see how they were doing and that was good the one is still quite good at coming out to church. That night in Worcester (when I was there we set up doing a games night every Wednesday night and it was quite good large turn out) and and they still do that and so we went there and had a nice night and A came and we got to talk and catch up on stuff. Thursday we had zone meeting and it was funny because there are 6 missionaries from my mtc group in the same zone as me and so it was good to see them again. and we learned qutie a few new things, and how president wants us to work more with members. It has now become a standard to visit two members every day weather that be active or less active it doesn't matter but at least 2 a day.
Friday was good in a few different ways a electrician came and checked our heater that hasn't been working and said yes its broken and so now we are going to get a new one soon. We were able to see quite a few less active members and we did some service at brother hooks so that was nice some manual labor is nice every now and again. then we had dinner with a cool family from south Africa, and then we had a lesson with Allan. on Saturday we had the ward activity and then we did some finding. 
on Sunday we had a good church meeting and a quick ward council before church and we talked with bishop and got us all on the same page we had both come to talk to each other with the same idea and so as we talked we were both happy that we were on ths same page already and so we put that in to place and that was to get the members more involved in the teaching by scheduling with different members single and couples a night that they have free to come teaching with us and then we will try our very best to fill that time with a investigator lesson if we can and if we can't then we will go and visit different members of the ward that might just need a visit weather they be active less active of what ever. so that we get to teach more with the members. We thought we were going to a members farm today but then we got a call from him last night an he had to go to wales and help a friend move. so we did some shopping and also move the furniture around in our flat because they are coming to install a new heater.
Thats it for this week.

I love you guys and I pray for you always.
Love Elder Poll

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