Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Baptismal date set!!!

So we have a baptismal date set with Brother W., I say brother because this is a re baptism he was a member and then got super offended and then moved here and it is now 30 years later and he has gotten over it now, In that time they had asked him if he would like his name removed from the records and he didn't know what that meant but said yes anyway and so he is now getting re baptized but since he hasn't been to church in so long he wanted all the lessons again before he does so we are teaching him twice a week to get him to that point by Feb 6 for his re baptism. On Tuesday we had an inspection from the land lord and it went well and the we did some finding and had coordination that evening we also had a flat tire on the way there it wasn't on our bikes it was on the ones that we borrowed from the Lyons when our bikes got stolen and we were going past there and brother Lyons told us just to drop them off and he would take care of it. Brother Lyons hasn't been able to pick up the other ones so we just took them when we went to dinner and he dropped us home to our bikes so it worked out quite well except the flat tire. Wednesday it poured  down with rain all day and we were freezing mostly just my hands because everything else was water proof besides my gloves, and then we had youth that night (our ward doesn't have many youth so to make it fun for the ones that do come and so they can do more group style activities they want us to come as often as we can)  Thursday we had district meeting in Worcester and I broke a spoke on my bike. We got that fixed on Friday in the morning while we were at an appointment they also adjusted my gears for me and that was really nice. We were on foot for most of the day because of that and because we had a lesson that we were getting picked up from to go out to a dinner appointment. Saturday we we had two lessons and they both went okay but not quite where we wanted them to go. We were hoping to have them all coming out to church but sadly they didn't. Bro W was there and so was a less active we have been working with so that was good. 
This week is going to be really hectic for us, we have exchanges tomorrow and then on Wednesday we have a world wide training meeting that night and then because the meeting runs so late we are sleeping over in Cheltenham and then we have district meeting on Thursday in Worcester so lots of travel and lots of meetings.
love you guys

Love Elder Poll

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

 Crazy Week

So this week has been quite interesting in its content, on Monday we went out to a lesson with a guy who had his records removed by accident a few years ago in Ireland and so he then moved here and wants to come to church. He goes to get his records transferred and there are no records so now we are reteaching the lessons and he is probably going to get re baptized soon. Tuesday we had just finished our  comp study and were about to walk out the  door when we got a phone call saying surprise we have a meeting in Cheltenham. The assistants to the president forgot to tell our zone we had interviews that day until president had gotten all the way to Cheltenham chapel and the doors were locked and then it all came out that no one knew about it. We got the call but had already missed the train that would have gotten us there in time because it leaves at 9:40 and it was 10 so then we had to take a bus for 2 hours to get close and the zone leaders had to come pick us up for the meeting from there. Also we had exchanges the next day and so I went back to Worcester that night with Elder P (he came out at the same time as me) and we already had zone meeting for Thursday this week so we just stayed on exchange for 2 days instead of one and swapped back on Thursday at the meeting. It was fun to be back in Worcester again. We had dinner at the Nolan"s house my favorite members from the ward and it was great fun. Elder P and I were happy to be together because we are both serving with non Americans so when we say how great America is they think we are boasting but really we just miss some of the things you can only get there. Anyway on Tuesday we had an appointment with an investigator that we had to cancel which stinks because it was really hard to get in contact with her in the first place because she doesn't have a phone so we have to stop by and try our
luck to catch her. So it may take some time to set up another appointment. But on Thursday the train times changed so we missed our connecting train and so instead of getting back at 5:30 we got back at 6:30 and so we missed our appointment that night. Then on Friday we went and did some stop bys and did our weekly planning it was pretty wet that day and I was just really happy I had all my gear on. On Saturday we went out to Bromyard a smaller town in our area to try and contact a media referral that lived out there. We found the house but no one was home and so we may have to go back out there in the next week or so to see if we can catch him in. That night we taught an impromptu lesson. We went to stop by a less active member and invite them out to church and they had a friend over and we taught him about the plan of salvation. And that was cool we are going to ,meet up with him later this week. Sunday we had church and it was really good and then after church we went out to the Garlick family for dinner, they live in the middle of nowhere so it takes about a hour in just travel time to go to there house. They are totally awesome but we don't go out there to much just because of the time it takes. Tonight we are going out to that same guy as last week that we taught the plan of salvation.
Anyway love you guys

Elder Poll

The one he forgot to send last week.

This week was a bit weird we had a lot of referrals come through last Monday and so we have spent most of the week trying to contact them but many of them live out in the middle of nowhere so those have been a struggle. On new years eve we had to be in at 6 but that was really okay because we just did our weekly planning and it was pouring rain. I have realized this week how easily shoes get worn out because I think those shoes I got back in July from you are about to start wearing in holes. I am going to try and get the other pair fixed by a cobbler here so I will have a water proof pair to wear, and I am going to try and find some shoes covers to wear when we bike because elder D has them and his feet stay dry all the time. mine are okay but the rain runs down my jacket down my water proof trousers and into my socks and down to my feet. but for the most part things are good here. Elder D and I get on quite well we are so much a like some times that we get on each others nerves a bit but that's okay. Later this week we both got a bit sick but we are okay now, we just both woke up and weren't feeling well  just really tired and not the normal tired of missionary work, we asked sister leopard and described what it felt like and she told us that a lot of missionaries were getting that and the best thing we could do was take a few extra hours and sleep it off. We did and after lunch we were both feeling a lot better so we worked and went and saw people the rest of the day. We did some street contacting. it was good. our street contacting has not been fruitful much this week but we have had quite a bit of luck in contacting referrals we have an appointment this week with two referrals and plan to try and contact quite a few more, its been interesting we have had 14 referrals in the last 2 weeks from church headquarters a few are legit and some are fake but we will see.

Love you
Elder Poll

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nothing this week!!!

Well I don't know where Elder Poll is this week but I'm sure I will find out next week what happened!!!