Monday, February 22, 2016

Watch out for Birds!!!

So this week was a bit ruff for work in some ways but good in others, we had one of our investigators drop us but we also because of that did a lot of focus on finding and were able to find quite a few
potentials this week. We will follow up on them this week and see if we can turn some of them into new  investigators. We also had a few appointments. One with a drunk guy that we met but he didn't show up,
probably for the best because I think all he wanted was charity from the church, and we were going to have to explain that they look at a persons financial situation and what and how hey spend there money before they will just give you stuff. And from talking with him before it sounds like all of his money goes into fueling his addictions so he wouldn't have been happy with us telling him we would help him to get unaddicted to the stuff so he can use the money to support himself.On Wednesday our main focus was a finding day and it went rather well we went a little further out of town than probably previous missionaries have and did some tracking out there and it went quite
well. The day had started out quite rainy but by the time we were heading out for most of the finding we were going to do it lighted up and finally stopped. 😄 On Thursday we had district meeting, and then we did some service for a member digging a trench/pathway so he could get concrete poured later in the week.
On Friday we had a funeral to attend at the chapel. We were asked to be the parking attendants at the chapel and also at the grave site making sure everyone could fit in and all that, and food was provided after
so naturally the elders were invited for that also. Then we went out and did some finding and then we had an appointment on he edge of town with a student out there and as we were on our way we looked around
because you could hear what we thought was a lot of wind but we did not feel any wind. So we kept going we got there and then we heard the sound again and then what we thought was rain but it wasn't. When we
looked up it was a huge and  I MEAN HUGE FLOCK OF BIRDS and what we thought was rain was POOP. And we took cover but it was no use I was hit multiple times and so was elder Decker. On Saturday our day was filled completely with finding but we had one lesson that night which went well we got him to commit to church
not this coming week but the next but still progress.Sunday we had church, but on our way to church actually
before we even left a member pulled up in front of our window on a bike and waited for us to get the rest of our stuff together and then road with us to church. He is a bit of an eccentric biker and lives farther out from church than us. Then after church we had dinner with a member family and then we did some tracking and it was one of those streets that everyone slams he door but then we did get a few at the end of the street that were nice and said we could come by another day.  Then we went by a less active member and they are way cool we are still trying to find out why they don't come out to church anymore, And that was our week.
Love you guys

Elder Poll

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