Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

This week hasn't been to bad but at the same time disappointing all of our appointments fell through so we did a lot of finding this week and the weather hasn't been the best.
Our week this week looks pretty good for lessons set up. We have one for tonight with a Latvian women that we met yesterday when we were going around to less actives to invite them to the Christmas social and I guess that the lady that had lived there had moved and this lady answered the door a didn't quite understand us at first until we slowed down and she said that she wasn't the person we were looking for but we told her that we would love to come and talk with here about our church and that we had some material in Latvian and that sparked her interest and so we are going back there tonight. 
We also have a few other appointments for latter this week pray they don't fall through. we also have games night this week which will be good for us to invite people that we meet to. The last one went pretty well so we are hopeful that this one will go at least as well. We also have another zone meeting on Wednesday about this new campaign the church is doing with Christmas so we are getting some training on that so that will be good.
I got your package and I was happy to see the advent calendars and a bit sad that the tree thing that you sent to both Ben and Chelsie with notes from the family for all the days of Christmas wasn't in there but thats okay.
The package I am sending you is actually not me sending it John offerd to send a package to our families for us and we told him that we were good but he insisted so don't wory about the money the stuff in it wasn't all that expensive and I'm not paying the shipping. We haven't heard about our special Christmas rules yet I imagine that they will come on Wednesday at zone meeting and hopefully they will also tell us if we are having Christmas conference and when that will be.
The German market was cool but I didn't get anything. There was stuff like at a state fair cool looking but nothing you really need. and nothing that I really want to hall around for two years before I come home. The only thing that really got me was this cool nativity set but John said that if I still wanted one I could probably find one on line after the mission.  Transfers are on the 17th of December and I think I will probably move. to be honest except the move right before Christmas thing I think that it would be nice to see another area.
I love John because he is cooking us Thanksgiving on Thursday then we have it again with an American member on sunday so it will be good.
Love you tons mom and tell every one that I love them and I will figure out the Christmas stuff on Wednesday.
Love Elder Poll

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