Sunday, November 9, 2014

So this week has been pretty uneventful the lesson that we had for Monday night cancelled on us then on Thursday I went on exchange to Cannock with the district leader and we went and taught some people that live in an assisted living center and they are both pretty old and not all there but it was good to see and I will tell you the ones that we have back in the states are nicer than the one I've been to here. Wednesday we had district meeting and switched back then on Thursday we did lots of finding and stopping by some less actives and some formers with no success although we did have the interesting experience of finding out that the ward list that we had is old or that no one bothered to remove or find out about a Laddie that died 10 years ago was still on the list. Friday we spent most of the day on the bus going to and from my dentist appointment. It shouldn't have taken that long but the appointment time I had made us have to be either an hour early or be late and that on the way back the bus was late by an hour and then there was crazy traffic all the way back. then we had dinner with John and had our ward sports night. Saturday we did lots of finding then we had dinner and a sort of lesson with Peter and Lizzie and we got the feeling that they were open to talk but that the lesson wasn't what they really wanted but we are going to continue to try. Sunday we had church and then we did some tracting and then we had dinner with john again and we talked with him for a while because on Sunday we have call ins at 6:30 so we either have to be in our flat or at a members house after that so we stayed and talked with john.
On a bad note on district pday I got hit in the face with the ball and my glasses got a little bent and the lens popped out I am trying to get them fixed here but I will let you know because if not they are the Oakley's that I broke last time and I think they still are covered by the insurance and I may have to send them back to you to have them fixed but I will let you know, if you will look into if they are still covered or not that would be great.
So transfers are on the 5th of November and I will probably stay in Burton but Elder Montague has been here for six months and we have already been 2 transfers together so we are both guessing that he will leave but that is no guarantee.  About half of our district will probably change as well and it is kind of stressing me out a bit because I just go used to mission life (well as much as can be expected for being out for 3 months)  and now the whole district has the potential to change completely so I'm a bit nervous about most specifically my new companion and looking out a bit further the whole district.
Love you and Pray for you always
your favorite elder
Elder Poll

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