Monday, December 1, 2014

Well this morning we put up the tree for Christmas and we are helping John set up for our ward Christmas social tonight and on Friday then we will help him take it all down Saturday night after the lots of Christmas trees are in my future. and last week we helped John put up his trees in his house he goes all out for Christmas so it was fun. Thanksgiving was good we has it at Johns with the other elders and I helped him make the pumpkin pie like I always do with you at home mom. and I have to say it was probably one of the best that I have ever had. mostly do to the fact that he home made the pastry and so the crust made the pie taste awesome. We didn't have any whip cream to put on it but that was ok because when we had the pie it was still a bit warm and that actually made it taste even better and I'm not sure weather I like that better or not then with cream. Speaking of Christmas let me know when the package gets there and you can't eat any of it till Christmas eve but there are some cards at the bottom those you can read but don't eat any of it till Christmas eve. And save some for grandma and grandpa when they come for Christmas so I can have all of your guys's opinions on the best stuff. and mom I think the shoe thing is just in Holland or places close over there because its not here as far as I can tell but I have heard of that and we did that in elementary school around Christmas when we talked about Christmas around the world. but I think the traditions here are pretty similar to America as far as I can tell I will let you know as we get closer to Christmas.
This week has actually been really good and seemed to go by really fast mostly because we weren't out finding all day and night. we didn't make a lot of progress with teaching new investigators but our friendship with one of the ones that we have and his friend Joe who is less active definetly grew this week. Monday always goes well because it pday. Tuesday I went on exchange to Burton B with our district leader and even though I have been in Burton for a while it was the first good look I got of their area in the day light. The only time that I have been there before was to ride with John to drop them off after coordination or sports and games nights so that was cool. It also made me realize that I am ready to move to a new area because even just spending the day there made me want to go some were new and try some new things so I want to move, but at the same time I want to stay for Christmas. I wish that our transfers were right after Christmas instead or right before but oh well. Oh and on Tuesday I missed out on a dinner at this family in our ward who usually don't make the best food and this week was espesally gross I was told so that was nice. We had a oven frozen pizza intead... yum.  Wednesday we had zone meeting and it was cool they showed us the new video that the church has put out for Christmas and we got some new pass along cards with the birth of Christ on them that we are supposed to use so that was cool. Oh and we did a kind of Christmas gift thing. We all brought flat find gifts and then we pulled names out of a hat and we get to pick one and open it. I kind of cheated because we had to be there early for district leader council so we got to see the Hiltons put there gifts on the table and kind of know what gifts were given by who so when it was my turn I picked one of the Hiltons and as they are leaving on the 10th they were getting rid of some decent stuff so I got a nativity set and some Nesquick chocolate milk stuff which is usually a couple of pounds booya grandma good stuff. On Thursday it was good we haven't really been able to get to know Joe one of our less active members we are working with and he asked us to come play football (soccer) with him on Thursday and so we got to know him a bit better and left a spiritual thought with him at the end. Oh ya and I got a bit of a surprise this week Jonathans sister just got a new puppy and he was able to find a really cheap coach ride up form London so he came up and we spent time talking to him and catching up because it was the last time that I might see him so that was nice. Then we had Thanksgiving with John that night and it was awesome. Friday we had a service project with this Hungarian family that is moving back into our ward. We were helping them get there house all painted and carpeted so they can move in. We have been going there for the past couple of weeks once a week helping them and they are just about to get the carpet down and then they can start to move in. They were in the ward before but had to move for work and now they are back so that's cool. Then we had dinner with the Watsons, an awesome family in the ward and then we had sports night and it went great. We had lots of peoples there and most importantly we had Joe and Sean there and so that was great. Saturday we did a lot of finding and we thought we had a solid guy that was a cage fighter coming to church but he gave us a fake number and didn't show up so darn, but we went buy a less active guy who is not really less active at heart but because of health reason he can't come to church so we went and visited him. He likes the company so we go and talk to him. He usually tells us some stories from (back in the day) when he was younger and it is pretty cool. Then we had games night and that went really well. I was in for a surprise again because Jonathan missed his coach back to London so he stayed and came to game night and to church on Sunday. Sunday we had church and then we went to the Manners for dinner she is American and she made Thanksgiving and it was good for the fact that it was American but I think that Johns food was better, but it was nice to be there and enjoy a more American experience then at Johns. The food back home is definitely  better especially the yams. John didn't make us any because we told him not to worry that we were going to the Manners and she would make them. but she tried to be healthy with them and so they weren't very good but they were American so I can complain.
Tell Macey that I am proud of her for getting baptized and that I'm sad I can be there for it but thanks for the announcement and that a letter is coming but I will be late due to slow mail around Christmas.
Love you Elder Poll

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