Friday, November 14, 2014


So this week has been good we didn't get a chance to teach Luke and Alice on Monday they canceled again and we didn't know why but we called them Friday and they said that they have been in and out of the hospital with there 2 month old daughter so we can understand. Since jonathan was up we had dinner with him and talked for a bit with him then did a bit of finding. then we went back to the flat to wait for our dodge call (our call to tell us about transfers) and they told us that Montague was moving to Litchfield and that I was getting elder Bolingbroke as my new companion. He is from Reno Nevada he has been out 18 months. any way Tuesday was for elder Montague to say his goodbyes to the ward and get packed for most of the day then we had dinner with john on wedsday we got all of his and Elder Smart, the other elder in our ward moving as well stuff to the mission home and then switched and made our way back. On our way back we did get in a bit of a hitch with the trains in getting all of there stuff on because the trains were really packed so we had to wait for like two trains that were going our way before there was room enough to get there stuff on.
We came back and droped elder Bolingbroke's stuff off and went out finding.
Thursday we did some finding in the morning then had district meeting at Litchfield ( that's right elder Montague only moved down the road about a half hour) then we came back and went by some less actives and then went to coordination meeting.
Friday I had the dentist then we came back and had weekly planning and then went out to see a less active that we had an appointment with but it was quite a hike to get there in the rain and cold out to the edge of our area. then we came back and had dinner.
Saturday we did some finding in the rain had lunch then went by some less actives and luckily the weather cleared up we had dinner and then went to sports night at the chapel.
Sunday we had church did some finding and then had dinner with john and that's been the week.
In our finding just in the last couple of days we have been able to set up a few appointments with some new potential investigators.

Love you, 
Elder Poll

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