Monday, November 17, 2014

So this week has been pretty good we have found some new investigators and we had a lot of dinner appointments thanks to Elder Bolingbroke. I had heard from other missionaries that he wasn't much of a worker but I think that it just depends on his companion because he has been doing pretty good with me so far we will see how it goes after we get more comfortable with each other if he starts to get less obedient as time goes by.
I'm not sure were I will be then we have transfers right before Christmas and I am pretty sure that I will be moving now because Elder Bolingbroke only has 3 transfers lest after this one so he will probably train next transfer. 
So we have some new potential investigators but nothing solid at the moment but I am hoping that with the new potentials that we are finding that at least one of them will be solid. We also started a games night on Saturday nights that we can invite people to for them to get to know the ward  in a setting that isn't just church and it seemed to go really well. We had planned it for every other week but we may move it to every week, It is probably the best thing that we could be doing at that time of night because nobody is out in town and we get yelled at by people for knocking doors that late so unless we have a lesson it's the best use of our time.  Today we are going to the German market in Birmingham and I have heard that it is really cool and lots of little shops that sell cool stuff.
We have some appointments set up this week with some of our potential investigators and I am excited to see where that will go hopefully we can started doing more teaching.
 Give my regards to the Galbraiths. and I hope that things with the new bishopric and stake presidency go well.

Love and prayers
Elder Blake Poll

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