Sunday, November 9, 2014

Been a busy couple of weeks so a little behind but here are Elder Polls posts for the last couple of weeks.

 So because this could be elder montages last week here Jonathan came up from London to say good bye and stuff and so we had him up and that was awesome. We don't know for sure about transfers we get a call tonight letting us know who all is staying and going so we will see. if I go I will get to send a small email tomorrow to tell you where I am going. Jonathan is doing good and is really happy with the ward that he is going to it is the only single adult ward in all of England and it is pretty big and we got him set up with a good set of elders down there so its good.

 I will admit I am nervous for transfers and a bit excited but mostly nervous because I'm comfortable where I am but I also want to try new things

We are trying to set up something with Peter an Lizzie for late this week. and the couple we have a lesson set up with for just about every Monday night that canceled on us last week is Luke and Alice they haven't cancelled on us yet today but we will see. that is about all of our investigators at the moment but we do finding just about every day so hopefully we should get some new investigators soon.
but I will admit I am nervous for transfers and a bit excited but mostly nervous because I'm comfortable where I am but I also want to try new things 
So Luke and Alice are a young couple that we got a referral for from the other elders in the ward. The Elders were calling there former investigators and found that they were interested in having them come by but that they had moved in to our area so they passed them on to us. the last set of elders that they had over though were lets just put it this way... they weren't out on a mission for the right reasons. and they got the wrong Impression of us and so we need to set that right before we can start to really teach them. but they seem cool and they have a 8 week old daughter.
Peter and Lizzie are cool and they like us and are cool with talking to us but they haven't got the right impression of why we are there either so we need to get that sorted then we can teach them more but they seem to like what they know of the church thus far and said that when I get home they want me to take them on a tour of Utah because they have always wanted to go there but didn't know anybody from the states that live that far west.(and chelse he is way into camo and browning last time we were there he was wearing browning camo it was funny but I didn't get a chance to bring up that you work there)
With reference to Christmas it weird there are already Christmas lights going up all over town center but they haven't turned them on yet. but they don't have thanks giving here so the next big holiday that they have is Christmas so people are already talking about it and have all of there presents bought and wrapped. no one has trees up yet but I don't think that it will be long before they do go up. Christmas is going to be weird this year.
I love you and Pray for you
Love Elder Poll

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