Monday, October 20, 2014

so this week not much excitement but we have a few new investigators one that the other Elders in our ward gave us because they were framers and they called them up and they had moved to our area and were interested in us coming by so on Tuesday we had a lesson with them and then the rest of our week has been pretty normal we have transfers on the 5th of November and the 17th of December I will probably be stay for at leat one more and then I might go but I'm not sure on that. We have 8 in our district all elders we have 4 sisters in our whole zone. I will up date you when we get back about everything else because we have to go back to Burton because we have been in Lichfeild so update you later.

I don't know the Merril girl but the elders in my district know her she should be coming home soon is what they said. they also say that she is awesome. well some bad news though for today from between the time that I last emailed and now our appointment for today cancelled so that stinks but we will get through though

Love Elder Poll

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