Friday, February 5, 2016

The last two weeks

January 25
So this week was pretty cool and long but also super short all at the same time.
It felt long at first from Monday till about Thursday I was a bit on edge from talking to 
Dani right before she packs to go home. Then after Friday I was just thinking that wow she is home and now I think i have gotten over the shock of it all. Otherwise this week has been a bit hectic and next week promises to be about the same. We had a exchange on Tuesday with the Worcester elder's I stayed in Hereford for this one with an elder from Albania he is quite and interesting feller but we had fun and I found out quite a bit about European history that I didn't know before. Did you know that Albanian used to be very similar to north Korea in that no one could come or go and they were fed only the info that the government wanted them to know. they only moved out of that state about 20 years ago. Wednesday we had a meeting in Cheltenham for a world wide training broadcast from the missionary board of the church so we went to Worcester and had lunch with them and then finished traveling the rest of the way to Cheltenham. The meeting was really good and I took quite a few notes of things that I want to try. Thursday we had district meeting in Worcester before getting on our train to come back to Hereford the rest of the way. so ya that was a bit busy. Monday we had a pretty good lesson with Brother Woods. On Thursday we had another lesson with brother W and that went really well we also had a lesson with M and S and that went rather well also. We also had a bit of a accident with the bikes also on Thursday. elder Decker's chain broke and so then on Friday we took it to the bike shop on our way to an appointment and they gave us a bit of bad news the chain was not fixable it needed to be replaced and so did the back sprocket because you can't replace one without the other. and the worst part it wouldn't be able to be done until Saturday at 4 so for the rest of our day we were on foot and most of Saturday we were on foot as well, so that severely limited our movements but we managed, and then on Sunday we went to church and they had a munch and mingle (linger longer)  and that was good. we did get a bit of sad news and a bit of happy news on Sunday, Brother woods suffers from a medical thing and so we wont be able to have his baptism on the 6th but hopefully with a bit more planning later on in the month so that was the bit of sad news, but the happy news was that the Lord has blessed us in our efforts with an investigator who seems to us so prepared for the gospel in his life, he walked in by himself to church but he was in a group of members so we just thought that it was a friend of theirs and the meeting was starting but after we were introduced and we talked and he said that he was led by the spirit to come to the Mormon church that day. We are going to meet with him tomorrow and share with him a bit more about the restoration.One thing that was mentioned at church that was cool that he totally agreed with was the bible being true as far as it is translated correctly so that was cool. 
This week is going to be a bit of a busy one for us as well. We have a meeting at the mission home for following up on training on Wednesday and then Thursday is district meeting so it looks like it will be a bit of a busy one for us this week as well, then they announced that after this transfer coming up that transfers will change to Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays so in March transfers will start to be on Tuesdays. 
Anyway I think that is about all.
Feb 1
So this week
we had some news about brother woods, he has hit some walls in health at the moment, but other news is that he is still a member because they took a longer look into he his records and found them and so he is still a member so no baptism but a reactivation is now what we are going for so now we just have to wait for his health to resolve it self, 
Other news about D that guy that came to church last week, we found out that after we had a lesson with him on Tuesday that his in not all there and is not the nicest guy. Our lesson went good at first and finished well but he is very strong in his beliefs about some very interesting things and could not accept anything else. On Thursday he sent us some not very nice text about what he thinks of our beliefs and how it was damning his salvation so we won't be seeing him again. 
That kind of covers our first two days Monday and Tuesday on Wednesday it was a really long day we had a meeting in Birmingham that we had to be there at 10 so we had to wake up at 5 to get there in time because of the train times but it was well worth it and I learned it a lot, we also didn't know how long the meeting was going to be and it ended up being three hours plus a lunch after and so after train time we didn't get home till about 5 and had a dinner appointment ant 5:30 so we grabbed our bikes and went there and then we went from there to youth that night. The young men were learning how to play snooker which is a cool different game similar to pool but with some more balls and a way bigger table and a few new rules as well so it was cool. 
Thursday we had district meeting in Worcester and then had a lesson with brother H a recent convert here and had coordination meeting  Friday we had an interesting request come through from president to the whole mission about not riding bikes that day because there was a high wind warning for the whole country so he just came out and said no bike for anyone that day just to be sure. For our area personally the wind storm passed by the time we were to go out in the morning but we still weren't to bike so we didn't so our day was a bit slow but good. a member from our ward took us out to lunch.
Saturday we had a long day of doing stop by's to update our ward list and also trying to find some less active members who would like to work back into activity, we also did some tracting and found 4 potentials that day they we will go back and follow up on later on in the week. 
Sunday we had a good church meeting and then after we had lunch and did some more tracting and then stop by's and we got a few more potentials.
Other news for tonight it is DODGE NIGHT the night that we get our call to see who is moving and who is staying. for me and elder D I am pretty sure we will stay as we both have not been here for long and and we are training and so I think we will stay, but who know I could be wrong and God needs me some where else but we will see. 
Love you guys have a great week and know that I love you loads.
Elder Poll

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