Thursday, February 11, 2016

Loosing Power

Sorry might be short power just died and lost the long email I typed. Start short then I will put detail in if we have time because now we have to walk back and find some place with wifi to send this. So on Monday we had a lesson with an investigator and he is trying to stop drinking and we followed up with him later in the week things seem to be going well. We also had a lesson with a less active couple and things seem to be going well with them. Tuesday we were both ill with a stomach virus and so we stayed inside most of the day and sister leopard told us to sleep it off and we were both super tired so that's what we did. The couch in our flat is surprisingly comfy. We did make it to ward council that evening for a few min to share our
bit that we needed then we went home. On Wednesday we were both feeling better but still really tired so we took the day rather slow but got quite a bit done. On Thursday we had district meeting and that was good then we went and saw Bro H. He has been under the weather after having a cancer treatment  but is doing quite a bit better and so we also did some service for him moving some stuff around out in his yard. Then on Friday we did some stop by's and had dinner with a family in the ward it was really good.  Saturday it was raining all day hard down pour but we had plans to be in a little village and so we biked out to that village in the pouring rain and by the time we got back we were soaked. Along the way I ripped my water proof jacket when I caught it on my bike. And then I also found out that the water proof trousers that I have had my entire mission are not waterproof any more so I had to get new ones today. But for the most part a good day we had a lesson with an investigator out there and I then we had weekly planning and that kept us out of most of the rain.
On Sunday we had a good sacrament meeting then we had dinner with a family that lives out in the middle of nowhere after but it was awesome.
This week we have zone meeting and exchanges it should be fun back to be back in Worcester for me for a few days yyyyyyaaaaaaa. I get to see Arran.
Any way love you guys got to go.

Elder Poll

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