Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Baptismal date set!!!

So we have a baptismal date set with Brother W., I say brother because this is a re baptism he was a member and then got super offended and then moved here and it is now 30 years later and he has gotten over it now, In that time they had asked him if he would like his name removed from the records and he didn't know what that meant but said yes anyway and so he is now getting re baptized but since he hasn't been to church in so long he wanted all the lessons again before he does so we are teaching him twice a week to get him to that point by Feb 6 for his re baptism. On Tuesday we had an inspection from the land lord and it went well and the we did some finding and had coordination that evening we also had a flat tire on the way there it wasn't on our bikes it was on the ones that we borrowed from the Lyons when our bikes got stolen and we were going past there and brother Lyons told us just to drop them off and he would take care of it. Brother Lyons hasn't been able to pick up the other ones so we just took them when we went to dinner and he dropped us home to our bikes so it worked out quite well except the flat tire. Wednesday it poured  down with rain all day and we were freezing mostly just my hands because everything else was water proof besides my gloves, and then we had youth that night (our ward doesn't have many youth so to make it fun for the ones that do come and so they can do more group style activities they want us to come as often as we can)  Thursday we had district meeting in Worcester and I broke a spoke on my bike. We got that fixed on Friday in the morning while we were at an appointment they also adjusted my gears for me and that was really nice. We were on foot for most of the day because of that and because we had a lesson that we were getting picked up from to go out to a dinner appointment. Saturday we we had two lessons and they both went okay but not quite where we wanted them to go. We were hoping to have them all coming out to church but sadly they didn't. Bro W was there and so was a less active we have been working with so that was good. 
This week is going to be really hectic for us, we have exchanges tomorrow and then on Wednesday we have a world wide training meeting that night and then because the meeting runs so late we are sleeping over in Cheltenham and then we have district meeting on Thursday in Worcester so lots of travel and lots of meetings.
love you guys

Love Elder Poll

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