Thursday, June 4, 2015

 No more Tripanionship

So this week has been interesting we were still in a tripanionship
until Wednesday and we got the call on Monday on who was leaving and
who is staying so now it is just me and Elder B and things are
good we have had to start from scratch with investigators because when
I got here we had none. We have two now and maybe three after tonight.
Our flat is nice and it has carpet which I have missed for the last 6
months but in my mind the down side to our area is that everything is
so far apart and far away from us so we have to bike 30 min any
direction to do any real missionary work but it's okay my leg muscles
are getting massive like they are tight inside my trousers so that's
cool. It was nice overlapping with Elder S for a week though so
that he could teach me the area because Elder B doesn't really
know the area. He has been here 4 weeks and this is his second area so
he is still getting used to having to learn the area fast so I got a
week to learn how to get everywhere. I think I have it all stored
in my head. Oh and thanks for the update on everything back home.
I hope you are all well wish my best to everyone tell them I miss and love them I have to go

Lone you so much 

Elder poll

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