Sunday, June 28, 2015

This has been a hard week

So this week has been good but also depressing I wish I had some
really great things to say like we are teaching lots people but right
now we are not teaching anyone so it's been a rough week for me when we
did our weekly planning it was sad. All we did was plan ideas to find
new investigators and stuff. We had a hard week and we will
probably have a hard week ahead.

So this week we biked to Blaenavon a really far obscure part of our
area and it took us 1 1/2 to bike there without stopping. My butt was
so sore and my legs were burning but at the same time it was a good
burning like I was working hard but I slept really good that night. I
fact funny thing my companion says I snore really bad but that it
didn't start until after our meeting with elder Holland but he says
that I have snored ever since. I don't really care how I sleep and
 he gets enough sleep but he wishes that I would stop snoring.
I found some cool post cards that I am going to send they are Welsh
stuff and it is really cool. Welsh is cool I want to learn it after my
mission.  Well I love you guys and I am not sure what else to tell you
other than I am really excited because next week we are going to visit
Caerphilly castle for pday.

Love and prays
Elder Poll

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