Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 Getting a new Mission President.

This week has been tiring but good and still not quite what I was hoping. So we still don't have any new investigators this week but we did have a few people tells us we could come back by so that was progress as we went by some former investigators. It was interesting to read some of the descriptions for people then meet the actual people and some times the description fits and some time you look and your like what was that elder thinking when he wrote this, or has this person changed that much since the missionaries last saw him. So the work is slow right now.
This week i went on exchange to New Port with elder Jam Jam from .South Africa he is cool but it was a pretty lame exchange because he had earlier that week been at an investigators house and went upstairs to use the toilet and on his way back down he slid or fell he doesn't really remember how it happened just one min he was at the top of the stairs the other he was are the bottom in lots of pain, He landed on his back and the doctors said that he has deeply bruised muscle and bones so he was on crutches and pain killers when I was with him and so he couldn't do a  lot and he was just tired all the time form the pills so we taught a lesson and then had a dinner appointment and then went back to the flat and he went to bed and I was board for like 4 hours, 
Cool... new this week we helped a new family move in and they are awesome and they are the stake presidents in-laws and they have already set a good impression in my mind probably because after we finished  they told us that they would have us over for dinner as soon as they got settled and that they would like to have us over whenever they can to eat with them. It is just the two of them and they like company so that's nice. 
Also i think we are starting to make a better impression on the members than the last missionaries did because the members are all wanting to have us over for dinner. This week we have three DA's which is like a record for this area for the past 6 months I have heard so that's nice.
I will try to get the info on presidents home coming and stuff so that you can go and meet him, he is leaving on Wednesday. I love the guy and I can't believe that he is leaving it's going to be weird being here without him. It will be interesting to see how things change with President Leopard. I don't anticipate any big changes for at least 6 weeks maybe more then things might change.
I love you guys and I will let you know how things go with the new mission president

Love Elder Poll

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