Monday, May 25, 2015

 Not much time!!!

So we don't have any time to email this week so just a quick update. My companions are elders from Samoa and from the Philipines and things are really good here. Our area is all hills and so we bike a lot and so my legs are getting really big. Also exciting news they gave us our ipads on Thursday but we are not authorized to use them yet not sure when we will get that permission so right now they are just sitting on our table at our flat. Wales is great and just so you know i have met a family from our ward and they are so awesome and I like them a lot already and they already want to come and visit me when I get home. Well that's about all I have time for sorry, bank holiday so we have to take turns on the computer at the chapel and there are seven of us that need to use it because we are having a district pday. So ya, have a great week and I will send you guys pictures and stuff next week.

Love you Elder Poll

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