Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Broke My Bike

I broke my bike and so i need to buy a new one today. It was sad we were biking this last week and i broke my back tire and messed up all the gears. and now it will cost more for me to fix my bike that to just get a new one. but I am not going to make the same mistake that i made on the last one i am going to spend more and get one that won't give me problems. I have had it  for about 10 months but in my first two areas i didn't really use it and now I came here and use it every day and I broke it in a week and then I payed a bit to fix it the first time and then it broke worse and now I need a new bike. I also tried to talk to some of the missionaries going home and most of them don't have bikes or have broken them or they are about to brake so I thought well that stinks. i wish i had the bike i left bike home it is nice and doesn't brake and its a good brand and it is easy to fix and my bike here is none of those.
Other than the bike thing the only real excitement was that Elder Holland did come to Scotland and they broadcast that to the whole uk Ireland and Scandinavia and he is still coming to talk to us on Thursday. man I am so excited and his talk on Sunday was so cool he talked about the book of Mormon and how important it is and it was just so powerful he did a pulpit slam with his book of Mormon and it was awesome. Oh we had zone meeting and I got to see some of the kids from my group that were in the mtc with me and it was really cool they are still the awesome guys that I remember. and kind of funny one of them is actually serving in the same ward as me here in Cwbrawn. 
so to explain the tripanionship thing. it was because there were extra missionaries but also I feel like now that it was a blessing to get here early so that elder s could show me around so i could learn the area because elder B doesn't really know the area because he had only been here 4 weeks and he is not good with directions and reading maps and stuff. so I know my way around the area as good or better than elder B. but that's okay he is a cool guy. 
Man I missed Alma camp dang I love that place it was such a good preparation for the mission and it really helped me to learn and recognize when I was feeling the spirit.
As for investigators we don't really have any right now so could you just pray that we might find some people and that they will keep there appointments. We have been challenged to get 2 new investigators before Elder Holland speaks to us and we are currently and 0 so your prayers would be much appreciated.
Man it sounds like you guys have a lot of projects going. we have a few here ourselves. There are a few members that live not to far from us that are elderly and so they need a bit of help with there back yards. Can I just say the i miss gas powered tools that are so much more powerful and get the job done way quicker. and also I am glad we don't have any Japanese knot weed in our yard. we were helping a member try to remove some this week and it is worse than thistle not as pokey but it takes over everything and is near impossible to get rid of.
Speaking of president packer I met his grandson he is serving in Burton my first area and he is way cool he goes home at the end of this transfer with Elder D and Elder M.
also exciting this week we are going on exchange with the Newport elders but i will be staying here so I hope i don't get us to lost. 
That's about it for this week I love you guys 

Elder Poll

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