Sunday, May 3, 2015

Getting caught up!!

So today I am going to try and get Elder Poll's blog caught up. We have been out of town for a couple of weeks and I am just getting myself caught up so that I can get onto the blog and update.

Email from April 27
Here is the in depth version. Not for those of the faint of heart. undertake at your own risk. the awesomeness could kill you.
Monday transfers and elder Kerr is now serving with me here and we did some finding and got him all un- packed. It was the second most normal days of our week, but we met this guy named Issac who is a Christian but he looks Muslim. When we stopped him to talk he completely surprised us. We are meeting with him later this week. and on our walk about talking to people this guy needed some help to push his car off the road because he had run out of gas
Tuesday was awesome because it was pday and pday is always awesome and then we had dinner with Antony and we had gammon which is really good ham to put it in the easeyes to explain. and then he taught e
Elder Kerr and me some signs mostly just reviewed the basics and some church signs. then we left and went to do some street contacting and we met this guy named siril who also looked muslin but he was Christian (i really need to stop guessing by the color of peoples skin). We are meeting with him later this week also. 
Wednesday we had coordination in the morning with our ward mission leader. then we ran back and got some lunch and then changed and went to help a less active mow her lawn and it was crazy long and she has the most crap of mowers you can get even for England where most mowers are electric. but hers was awful. but anyway we had about 2 hours that we could spend there mowing he lawn and we thought that would be enough but time to get it done but we under estimated the crapyness of the mower and the length of the grass and so we only got about half done. We went back to our flat to get some dinner and change into shirts and ties, and bishop called us and asked if we could help a member move into there new house from there old one. Then we walked with Arran down to games night. we played some ping pong and some basketball then we taught everyone how to play scum and we played 4 or 5 rounds of that and it was really fun. then we got back and planed and went to bed because we were really tired. 
Thursday we spent almost the whole day helping member move all of his stuff from his storage unit to there new house. he had a lot of heavy stuff and that took us form 9 till about 4 then we rushed back to the flat and changed into S and T to go teach Tony in Malvern. Bishop dropped us off and the lesson went really good. then we hadn't heard from the Nolan's whether we were coming over for dinner or not, but since Elder Kerr was new we thought we would go over and introduce him even if we weren't having dinner with them. They hadn't planned on us but we got talking and Elder Kerr was telling them about himself and Vegas and they were about to start cooking dinner and so they just through some more in for us.
Friday was our third most normal day. we had district meeting and went to go see Allen a less active member and on our way we ran into the same guy form Monday who had run out of gas because he was out again. so we helped him out and pushed him onto the side of the road. then we taught him about the church because it could not have been a coincidence that we saw and helped him again. then we saw Allen. He is a cool guy, then we went and had dinner with the Stobbs and it was really good. then brother Stobbs who usually gives us a ride back to our flat had to go to young men, so he couldn't so brother Stones who they had over for dinner gave us a ride home. He is a cool guy, he was in the British special forces now has a spinal injury that makes him have to use crutches so we were not really sure how he drives but he does... and he drives really fast. Not to scare you we were perfectly safe but we got going at least 90 mph in a 45 zone.
Saturday was awesome. we went to the stake football competition where all the wards in the stake put together a team and then compete for the trophy and it was so much fun. we didn't win but we didn't lose ether so that was good we played 9 teams for 8 min games. and the weather was awesome sunny and warm all day long. To have more team unity brother Reid had Real Madrid uniforms for us to wear and keep. they are sweet and really nice ones. then on our way back we got a call from the senior Stobbs asking if we could come and help them with removing a couple of bushes from there back garden. then they fed us dinner and it was really good then we went back and did the rest of our weekly planing.
Sunday was our most normal day this week. we went to church and it was good and then we went back to our flat got changed out of suits and then went and got my bike back from Andrei (I lent my bike to a member for a few weeks because we weren't using them and he needed one to use until he got his pay check to buy his own) and went out to visit a less active named Steven and his mom Mavis and that was good then we did a bit of tracting and this guy yelled out his window at us and said Jesus be with you and we thought we would go and talk to him so we did and he is way cool and we are meeting him on Tuesday his name is Nad.

This week crazy cool stuff is going on we have a mission wide ipad training on Wednesday we thought it was Friday but they changed it or we heard wrong. We don't get them there we will have to order them if we plan to buy our own or to let them know if we plan to let the mission provide them for us.

Love Elder Poll

Email from April 13
For the new mission president I am excited and nervous at the same time. But everything should be good he is called of God so he will do the right thing.
man sound like the house will be pretty empty for a while.
This week was good we had interviews with president on Wednesday and that went really good we had a good chat about stuff. We also got a new door handle after about a month they finally came and fixed it and the one into the bathroom also so that was cool.
We got the chance to do some service this week and that hasn't happened in a while so it was nice we mowed a less active lawn on Thursday with a mower that the only way to describe it is a peace of crap they call it a fly mow it is supposed to use the air caused by the spinning of the blades to make it float but it doesn't really work like that and it just kept getting stuck. I really just wanted to kick it a few times but I didn't.. but I still don't get how it can be a mower without wheels and also it is a plug in so you have to stream a cord out behind you and remember not to mow over it which I almost did a few time just thinking that it was like a vacuum and that nothing would happen. Then we used a weed eater to go around the edges and it reminds me of the electric ones that grandma had but 1/3 the power and the string breaks really easy. But we got it done. Well the front yard anyway we are going back this week to do the back which will take  about 2 hours to do because of how long the grass is and how crappy the mower is. If I had our mower I could do it in about 5 min but I don't so ya.
That has been about it for our week most of our investigators were to busy for us this week or so they said.
We were hoping for a really good week but that didn't go quite according to plans we hope this week will be better.
Also transfers are this Monday so I will keep you posted but basically they changed us all around so president could go and receive training.

but that is pretty much our week not much happened this week

Love you guys and Pray for you a lot

Elder Poll

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