Monday, May 4, 2015

Just a normal week

Monday was just the normal.
Tuesday we met with nad a cool guy that we tracted into last Sunday and it was not quite what we were expecting. He said that he works at the mechanic shop next door to his house and that he could just take a break and talk to us for a while then go back to work. We thought that would be good so we set an appointment for 2. When we went by and he was busy at work and he came out to talk to us for a minute just long enough to tell us that he was busy and asked if we could reschedule for another day so we set up an appointment with him for Thursday. We went from there to Malvern and tried to see Patrician and see if she was feeling better and if we could set up another appointment. but she wasn't home so then we went to Antonys for dinner and it was way good we had gammen again :)  I love that stuff. then back to Worcester to grabbed our stuff and caught a train to Gloucester for the night. because we got permission to stay the night there for a mission wide meeting so we didn't have to get up super early. So ya we stayed the night there couch surfing and then we were supposed to catch a ride with the zone leaders to the meeting but one of the other teams in our zone missed there train so they had to go and pick them up. So we walked through the pouring rain for 20 min in nothing but suits and white shirts and we got drenched. After our walk to the train station where the coach would pick us up we got on and met up with the other missionaries on the coach and road for 2 hours to the meeting at Harbourne chapel in Birmingham. the meeting was good not quite as good and Dani's because no Elder Bednar but it was still really good and got us all hiped for the new tools that will be available to us next week. Also we read the thing on our missionary portals and it said that we would be required as a missionary for the states to pay for an ipad up front and then I can take it home with me or I think get the money back at the end or something like that. They are supposed to contact you through the bishop and get it sorted out. Let me know what you hear. After the meeting we did ride with the zone leaders back to Worcester because it was on there way back so they just dropped us off right at out flat no return train journey on a coach or train for us it was really nice, and also it made it so we were on time for games night. Thursday we had Tony and the Nolan's in Malvern so we did a bit of work around Worcester then popped off to Malvern. oh and we also went and saw Scarlet, we talked to her about prayer and the power of it and that even if she doesn't feel like she is talking to anyone that God is listening. And we taught Tonly about the ten commandments and covered a bit of the law of chastity. (can I just tell you that as a 19 year old teaching grown men about the loc it is weird)
Friday we went and helped Arron with some family history in the morning and then we got some lunch and went to go see Nad and he was busy again and at that point we thought he was just trying to be nice but also wanted us to go away but he came out and apologized and said that it was supposed to be his day off but that he had gotten called in so he said that he could meet on Saturday so we were a bit frustrated. Then we went and saw Allen a cool less active guy that had a weight issues that prevents him form coming to church very often.
Saturday we went to see Nad and he had to reschedule again... can you feel my frustration through the screen but we met with him that night and it was an okay lesson. then we went to visit sister McDonald and she was really cool.  then went back to meet with Arran and then Nad
Sunday was really good except for church which is usually the highlight of the day but I was a bit scared honestly. There was a verbal argument in elders qorum and it worried me. Sunday school was fine then in sacrament it was a good start I taught and helped Arran to bless the sacrament that was really cool. then the testimonies started and one was just so bad the bishop asked him to stop and sit down. later though we met with Liam and Ben and they were both really cool so a good end to the day.

I have a challenge for all of you to update or create profiles if you don't know what that is search it a

Well that's about it I love you guys.

Love and prayers Elder Poll

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