Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Going to Wales!!!

 Monday we got flogged/canceled on so we didn't get to teach Maria so we went to go see a less active and he wasn't home and that was our night. On Monday we hiked the Malvern hills.
Tuesday we went to visit a less active member and then we had dinner with the booths. Then we finally got in to meet with Stefan and it was good but he might not have been all there for the lesson but we left him a Book of Mormon and told him to pray and read and we are going to see him tomorrow night. 
Wednesday we did some finding and then we went and tackled some more of Angies lawn and got a good start on it. Then we went to Malvern to see Antony and then we went to games night and it was awesome
Thursday we had zone meeting then we had a lesson with Tony and then we stopped by the Nolans to see if they could help us out for signing on Saturday because Tony and Antony were going to come to Saturday night conference.
Saturday we went and attacked more of Angies lawn and we are almost there just one more time should do it. then we met with Arran and talked for a bit then we met up with bishop and went to stake conference in Cheltenham. then on Sunday we had conference and then we went an visited some less active members and some other investigators and also a cool old member who lives in the area he is one of those funny old guys that just jokes about the fact that he is old and he has all of his wits about him so it's fun to go see him.
K so weird transfer stuff we just got a call telling us that elder Kerr is training this Wednesday and I am moving to a place in Wales called Cumbrawan that is probably not how you spell it but ya and I will be in a tripanionship so it should be an interesting week and I will let you know next Tuesday how it goes.                 
I love you guys and I will let you know what happens with my tripanionship next week and how things go there. 
Elder Poll

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