Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So this week I need to apologize for not telling you last week that Monday was bank holiday so everything that is government or sponsored by the government closes down for the day so the library was closed and we couldn't email. and I knew that last week I just forgot to mention it.
Conference was the best we just finished watching the last session this morning with Arran at his place and I did see Sandy and it was cool. I pointed her out to Elder Devitt and Arran and it made me really pay closer attention during the songs. and I thought I saw her in the Sunday morning session but I saw her face with long hair and I thought maybe but then when I saw her really good today I knew for sure. I didn't see her in the Saturday one though but that was mostly because me, elder Devitt and John our ward mission leader were busy signing for Antony and tony. I didn't sign but I was a reference with the hymns and a gospel sign book for harder signs we may not have known. So I need to re watch that one anyway, also our connection was a bit jumpy some times so we missed bits and will have to go back and re watch them. Elder Holland's talk was awesome and I love president Uchdorfs also. Three talks too in Spanish and one in portagées and then presidents Uchdorfs funny switch into German.
The Easter initiative is cool we pass out these cards that have a link to the video on them. Also I don't know about Dani but we were given disks with the video on them and we have little portable dvd players and so I had the idea to take them around with us and it worked really good and now it is suggested around the mission to do it... cool huh.
Another cool thing coming in May we might be getting ipads, and another cool thing they announced who our new mission president will be and he is form England. Other than conference our week has been pretty normal. I went on exchange to Evesham on Friday to Saturday with Elder Clarke he is from New Zealand he is cool, and we have interviews with president this week so we are headed to Gloucester tomorrow for that.
Yesterday since we couldn't email we had our district pday and we went bowling again, then we went to the park and played some football and the weather was great all sunny and really warm and so is today. It should be a great day. and we are forecasted to have great weather all week.  Also games night this week was great we had loads of fun and some of our investigators that don't normally come came. I think they will come all the time now because they realize that the church is fun and that they know some of the young members.

Well that's pretty much it for this week I love you guys, next week and Ishould be on Monday.

Love and prayers Elder Poll

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