Monday, March 23, 2015

Super Exciting Week!!!

So super exciting this week we have our baptism this Saturday and it is going to be awesome!!! It was really cool for me because on Sunday we were talking about it and he asked me to perform the baptism and so it is really exciting. I hope these white trousers I brought still fit and don't fall off me or I might have to borrow one of the jump suits from the church.
So as for this week things went really great it started out pretty scary but ended up really good.
To start we had had our investigator on a date for the 28th of march for a while and it all seemed to be going so well and then he was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and so we weren't able to meet with him and that set back our plans to commit him to give up his cigarettes early this week and so we thought that we would have to push his date back because they have to be clean on everything for at least a full week before the baptism. We weren't sure when he would be well enough to meet with us again. but by Wednesday things were good and we had received a email from president encouraging everyone that we had on a date for this month to keep there date and for those that were on for the first of next to ask them to move forward a few weeks. At first we thought he was a bit crazy and didn't know if it would work but then on Wednesday we got a text saying can we talk about baptism next time we meet. We saw him at games night and we set an appointment for Thursday and we talked about it with him and. basically told him that if he wanted to be baptized on the 28th then he needed to stop smoking and he said I think I can do that and so we have been helping and encouraging him every day to stay with it and he has and we double checked with him Sunday before church and he said ya so we announced it in church and so now we are having his baptism at 6 on Saturday. Please pray with us that he can keep off from smoking for good. The rest of our week has just been a blur for me besides that other cool stuff happened to.Our less active member got back together with his old girl friend and she was the one that really wanted them to get back together but he said that she had to at least listen and try out coming to church with him if she wanted to be with him because he has a really big dream of being married in the temple. She said yes and we had a lesson with her on Saturday and it was really good I think she liked it we are meeting with her on Thursday this week.
As for that guy that walked into church the other week he moved to Gloucester and said that he isn't comfortable with meeting with other people and so he didn't want us to ask the elders there to see him but we might have a try next time we are in Gloucester for a meeting and try to meet up with him and do a gentle pass off to the elders there.

Well that's pretty much it for this week and we have to go. I will send you some cool pictures from the baptism.
Love and prayers
Elder Poll

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