Sunday, March 22, 2015

 Still in Worchester

 So this week has been pretty normal. Elder D and I did not change we are still together for another transfer so no real change for us, but the sisters changed and so did the elders in our district Elder Clarke my New Zealand friend is training a new missionary from Pleasant Grove Utah and then sister M is finishing training a sister from Leeds area so a pretty new district but that's all good. but everything seemed to be pretty normal this week we met with most of our investigators and had an awesome games night we played murder in the dark at the chapel and it was great everyone loved it. We had mothers day yesterday because here it is on the 15 of March. They asked Elder D to speak and he pointed out that it wasn't actually mothers day for us but he gave a great talk anyway. Our investigator is doing great he is still struggling with being able to quit smoking but he is really trying so we are just encouraging him. his baptismal date is coming up soon so we are going to try to make a push this week to help him to stop but I think it will go well. we also had a lesson with tony this week at the Nolan's and that went okay I think. We taught two single guys about family and eternal marriage so it went as well as can be expected. Rory I think is doing okay we taught the law of chastity this week and that went about as well as you would think. We think he understood and accepted it but we will have to cover that again just in case.
We have a great week planned this week we have loads of dinner appointments set up for this week and we are feeling so blessed. Also since we will be together for another 6 weeks we bought all the big stuff in our groceries that we get to last us the whole transfer so full cupboards and fridge and freezer this week.
Wow mom you are growing Katie's hair out that's going to be interesting to see when you send pictures. speaking of pictures thanks for all of them it will be easier to explain some of the stories that I have told to elder D now that he can see who I am talking about. and wow everyone is getting so big. 
General Conference is coming up pretty soon and I am really excited it is a get spiritual experience. but our time are a bit messed up and when we watch what and at what time is still yet to be determined.
Sound like the barn is full of hooligans don't let them bring the thing to the ground before I get home I want to see it again when I get back.
Well that's it for this week.
Love you guys

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  2. The Elder being trained from Pleasant Grove is my son! Thanks for your blog.