Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2

So family this week had been pretty normal it has been busy but that's because we like it that way and try to plan it that way. some days after we think we have finished planning we look at our schedule and and wonder where we are going to fit dinner in. Most times lunch gets planed in because our mornings aren't that busy but some days our evenings are so packed that we have to split dinner into two parts.The first is snacks to tide us over until 9 then we eat dinner. At 9 when we get into the flat we put dinner on to cook and then we plan and then have dinner some time around 9:30 ish. Don't think that every day is like that but some times usually Wednesdays because we have games night at the chapel and it take about an hour to walk there and it starts at 6:30 and we have to be there early to unlock the car park so people can come in so we leave our flat at about 5 to get there and 4 is usually our lesson with one of our investigators so we go from there house straight to the chapel and then have dinner when we get back. There are also the times that all of your plans fall through and you have plenty of time for dinner at a normal hour. Some days I wish that things would just even out and you can just plan things in perfectly but that seldom happens. This week we had a few days of both. Monday night everything fell through so there was to much time. Tuesday we had a great day had a lesson with A who is doing really well and I think will probably get baptized next transfer then we went to our sign lesson/dinner appointment with Antony, Then we went to ward council and when I was in ward council I wondered if it would be any different all over the world and how things would run or if they would be more or less efficient than it is here. It was good we were able to update the ward on our progress and ask for specific help, not just the someone to come teaching with us that they all read and ignore on our progress records. We were able to ask them face to face and get answers so that was good. Wednesday we went out to a little village in our ward boundary. We rode out there on an old rickety bus that I thought at times as I saw the next rise in front of us that it would not make it but it did and we got out to Tenbury, a cool little town that reminded me of some were between Mountain Green and Morgan to big for Mt. Green to small for Morgan but it was cool. we went out there to visit some less actives and we had fun with that but none of them were home so we will probably head out there maybe next week and try again. Then we went straight to games night were we had loads of fun we had a great turn out both R and A were there and we also had the support of the members so it was a blast. Thursday we had exchange with Evesham and I stayed here with Elder C and we had some fun we had coordination and then we had a great lesson with Tony. (I was supper worried about the lesson because Elder D usually does the majority of the lesson when it comes to signing and he wasn't there) but Sister N came with us and she has been signing for years so she just translated what I said and I didn't even have to worry about doing the signs and so we taught him about family history it was good. Then we went to the Nolan's for dinner after and they are just loads of fun they remind me of our family in a way.
Friday we had district meeting and then a load of lessons planned but all of them cancelled on us and so we went to visit a less active member. We were able to talk with him for a while so that was good. but we were glad to just talk on his door step because I finally understand what dad was talking about with houses that you don't want to sit down in and his is one of them. He is such a nice guy but he has major cleaning issues but the chat on the door step was good we talked with him for about an 1/2 hour. Then we went back and had dinner and did some late night finding. oh ya and elder D did a baptismal interview for one of the sisters investigators. Saturday we had his baptism and it was really cool Sister S who got transferred received permission to come back for the baptism and she was really excited for that, and Rory came to the baptism and I think that got him excited so we are going to talk about that with him tomorrow at our lesson. Sunday we had A at church and that was really good and then out of the blue a guy walks in and says that he has seen the light and that he want to be Christian so we talked with him for a bit and then he came with us to sacrament meeting and he even got up and bore his testimony about how God has already helped him in his life and stuff, it was interesting but good. Then we were able to participate in giving the gift of the holy ghost and that was really cool it was like I could feel the spirit flowing through me it was really cool. I haven't felt like that since in the special prayer in the temple my first time. Then we went and had dinner with a member and that was great especially because we missed all the rain while we were in there.
Love you all
Elder Poll

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