Monday, March 9, 2015

So this week has been pretty normal for us we saw pretty much all of our investigators this week so that was solid. and transfers are coming up this week so it was good to see everyone  just in case it is the last time. It probably won't be for me but elder Devitt we are pretty sure is getting moved but we won"t know until tonight. So if I move I will let you know tomorrow.
Tuesday we got our oven fixed and then as we went to leave after the guy fixed the oven the door handle broke off so that was great.We had inspections from the mission couple this week. When we got to our flat they were waiting for us. We almost forgot they were coming but when they got there we went to open the door and since the door knob was off we carry it in our back pack so we can still lock our door. We pulled it out of our pack to open the door and I think that was a little weird to them. We did pass our inspection with flying colors though. I really am a lot cleaner now then I was when I was home. Then we had a lesson with A and it went really good we then had Antony and then Rory with some finding in between those so it was a good day.
Wednesday we had coordination then we went and saw a member of the ward who is pretty old and he wasn't at church on Sunday so bishop asked us to go by and see him then we had games night. It was good the P family came and it was cool to have them there a then we had A and R there and they really love the games and the interaction.
Thursday we had zone meeting and that was really good then we went straight to our lesson with Tony and then we went by Patricia's to try to set up a lesson with her for this week. We spent at least 3 hours on trains between going to and coming back and going to Malvern so that tires you out a bit all that traveling even if all you have to do is sit there. Friday we were asked to go up to Bembow Pond and help with the parking for a commemoration that they were having up there.That is the place where Wilford Woodruff spent some time and many of the first members in that area were baptized in Bmebow Pond and other ponds in the area. Elder Holland was going to come but he or his wife had some health issues so he sent a video talk for the event. He is a descendent of some of the first people baptized there. Saturday all of our plans fell through so we did a lot of finding and less active stop byes. Sunday we had church and a lesson with Liam that went good I think he is starting to progress now and he is over 18 now so we don't have to worry as much about his parents now. We still don't want to get on there bad side but it wont stop us from teaching him now. And A is really moving along his date is the 28 of march so that is really exciting and he loves church and games night so it should be really good. Rory's baptism is off for now since it should be next week and he still has some things he needs to learn. We will reevaluate a date for him this next week.
Love you all and pray for you. Thank you for your support.
Elder Poll

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