Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last week of Feburary

Congratulate Emma on her baptism for me I will try to send a card I just really am rubbish at remembering stuff like that I have been meaning to send you guys letters for about 3 weeks and I bought stamps i just haven't written the letters don't worry they will come.
That's cool to hear about Carina I just wish that I could find a way to say thank you to the face book missionaries for giving us the referral. We finally have a referral that I am confident will get baptized. He has such a desire to know the truth it's awesome, and he reads the book of Mormon every night. We didn't even have to invite him to he just did. It is so cool. we thought that it might be bad that he was reading so fast that he might not get the spiritual aspect of it, but then he asked us some really good questions about the tree of life and what he thought all of it meant and he was spot on for most of it it was really exciting. Will you ask if it was the England Birmingham mission that she gave the referral to. It sounds like a referral story that I have heard from one of the other missionaries. They said that all they did was go back over everything give him a baptismal interview and then baptized him.
The sign language that i am learning wont do me much good in America because the British and American sign languages are so different that nothing carries over and as a matter of fact I have heard some of the signs here are offensive  and swear words in America.
This week has been pretty great we had a lesson with a guy named from Vietnam and was a doctor in Japan, then he quit his job so that he could come to the UK and study nutrition to see if he could find something that could help his patients more because he had seen some die and that made him really sad He was wondering if we could help God help his patients and so we taught him about prayer and the Book of Mormon and he seemed to take it well. That was Monday, Tuesday we spent the whole day at zone conference in Wales and that was cool I got to see a lot of mission friends that I hadn't seen since the mtc or from previous transfers that had moved so that was cool. that's when I meat Elder S. I also got to see Elder K who was like my best friend in the mtc and so that was cool. The best part is he is from Kaysville Utah so really close by and so will see each other after the mission and hang out.
Wednesday we had a lesson with A and it went great we taught him the restoration and then we invited him to games night that we were having that evening. We had pancakes, British ones just so you know they are a cross between ours and a crepe and they are really good they reminds me of our rolled up ones but they taste way better. In my next package I might have to send you a mix for them. The mix is not as good as the real thing but not to far off the real thing. Wednesday we went to our lesson and had dinner with A so that was really good. On Friday we taught a lesson again and then had coordination and dinner with the N's. Then we had to rush back for our lesson with R and we missed our train so we were late so we kept our lesson short but it was good. R is so awesome but he his getting discouraged because he doesn't understand English very well so his progress is slowing but I think he will pull through. Saturday was a bit of a slow day for us but we put our trust in the Lord because all of our lessons cancelled so we did a lot of finding. and Sunday we had a great time at church A came with us and that was really good and then we went by some former investigators because we received a challenge to go by at least one former a day for the next two weeks and see if that will increase our teaching pool. That was our week.
It was really good and really busy except for Saturday but then we made it busy so a really good week. If all of our appointment had kept we would have taught about 13 lessons which is really good for our area.

Love and prayers Elder Poll

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