Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We've Been Out 6 Months!!!

So this week we have been loads better no more sickness and I have been our 6 months now officially, we went over to a members on Friday and me and elder D both burned stuff. I burned a tie (and before you worry it was a really crappy one with the threads frayed on it every time I wear it) and it was elder Ds 18 month mark so he burned trousers. I have a video but I can't load it on because I am out of room so I will send it to you as soon as you can get that stuff taken off for me. But this week has been pretty great we did not get transferred so it is still me and Elder D but Sister S got moved which was kind of sad and weird it was kind of like seeing Dani leave again because I just kind of associated them together in my mind for some reason and combined with Sister M they have a lot of the talents that Dani has like the fun loving ness and Sister M can play the piano really good. Interesting but cool thing, sister Mo that just came to take her place is from Germany and her sister lives in Dani's mission but I'm not sure which city. Tuesday we had a really good lesson with our investigator Rory and on Wednesday we had game night and Rory came and it was really good he had fun and then on Thursday all of our lessons kind of fell through from people being sick so we did some Less Active stop bys and we actually got to go in and talk with quite a few. We are hoping to establish a good friendship then work in getting them back to church. Then we had planed to have dinner with the Ns but they had to reschedule for Friday which worked out better for us so we cooked our own dinner then did some street contacting. Friday we did more LA stop bys and had less success but that's okay then we had dinner with the Ns and we burned our stuff and it was great. Time is a mystery that I will never understand I think it feels so fast at times and so slow at others but such is time and we can't control it.
Saturday we had a lesson with R who really likes meeting with us and we put him on a baptismal date for the 14th of March so that was exciting and he came to church with us yesterday and it was awesome he is Chinese and his English isn't amazing but it is good for him only having been here for 7 months and no previous English classes. So his understanding at church probably wasn't great but he felt the spirit that is for sure and he shared with us during our ysa lesson that he really likes praying so that was cool. He is coming to our elders quorum activity tomorrow and we are going to teach him a lesson after so it should be good.

Love you and pray for you always have a great week.

Love Elder Poll

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