Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16

Sounds like the normal stuff is happening at home. We have zone conference tomorrow and our train is at 5:59 so that mean waking up at 5 to get there in time and that is a killer on sleep.  As for Megan and closing the doors I think that she would like English doors most of the doors in peoples houses have a chain spring on them that close the doors automatically but all the ones at our flat we have disabled because we don't like them. 
Well this week has been pretty awesome!!! Tuesday we had a dinner with Anthony and sign language lesson. I learned how to do the sacrament prayers in sign. It is really cool. I can also pray now in sign as long as I keep it short. We also had coordination on Tuesday and that was good we were able to update our ward mission leader and he also gave us some insight into the ward and what we can do to help things go better. 
We had zone meeting on Wednesday. We also had a lesson with Rory then we had games night. After zone meeting we went on exchange and I stayed in Worcester and Elder Devitt went to Gloucester and so I was with Elder Woodland one of our zone leaders for the rest of the night and Thursday morning. 
Thursday morning was good we did a lot of finding  When we exchanged back the other elders brought me a new bed frame that they had at there flat for me that they had picked up from the mission home so we still need to get that put together then I will have a new bed frame that will be nice. Right after we exchanged back we went to our lesson with Tony, Anthony's friend and that lesson went really well I felt like I could finally get my point across with the amount of sign that I know and bear him my testimony. We had a DA with the Maclaverties and that was really cool there son is about the same age as Katie and Megan and also has some mental disabilities so we were able to get on really well, and there son Luke is really cool. 
Friday we went to Cheltenham and then Elder D left for his meeting and I stayed there with Elder S, he is from Idaho and we taught a few of there investigators and did some finding there. then we got the last train back to Worcester and went straight to our lessons in Malvern with P and then back to Worcester with R so it was a crazy and cool day. P is finally making some really good progress which we are really excited for. 
Saturday we had weekly planning and then went to our lesson with this guy who stopped us on the street and said "can you and God help me quit being an alcoholic" When we got there he was drunk and had friends over and had gone into the hospital the day before and some of his friends weren't to nice to us and he could see that. He was really humble and asked us if we could come back another time so we are going over there tonight. After we went there we went to go and find the new referral that we got and he wasn't home and we also went and visited some less active members and finish our AUF's which stands for "address unknown file". Somehow the church has found people they think are members that moved and didn't transfer their records so they send us out to confirm and most are right and some are not. Most are super less active and want nothing to do with the church so we get yelled at a lot of the time but we finished those and then went back for dinner. 
Sunday was awesome we had most of our investigators at church and so we were so excited. T was there with A because A's home teachers invited him to there sons baptism that was after church. T was able to be there with A because he had work off and he also has next Sunday off and so he should be at church next Sunday as well. We also walked there with Rory from his house in town and then our referral was there waiting for us on the couch and it was a miracle!!! He is super cool. He found some how and got on Facebook with some missionaries and it was awesome. They invited him to church and they even sent him a video of what to wear so that was cool we have a lesson with him on Wednesday so that should be awesome. And we had a baptism after church which they all stayed for and they all really liked it so that was great. Then we went home changed and did some finding until it was time to come in for call ins so ya that was the week. 
It's crazy we already have 10 lessons set up this week and we haven't even set return appointments with some that we teach twice a week so we are looking at a epic week. I am super excited. Also we have zone conference tomorrow and I get to see lots of the missionaries that I was in the MTC with and I am super pumped for that. So a great week in the making.
I love you all and pray for you with all my heart
Elder Blake Poll

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