Sunday, February 1, 2015

Januany 26

So family this week has really was bad to be honest we spent most of it stuck in our flat because we were sick with the flu so it was really boring. Monday when we were emailing I started to feel a bit weird but not to bad then we went up to a members to have dinner I started to get the shivers really bad then we went to a appointment with a investigator and his friend and they were both high and one was drunk and they had just finished smoking when we get there and so the room was full of smoke and that sucked and didn't help me feel any better and neither of them was really paying attention so we finished up quickly and left and I just proceeded to not feel very good. Tuesday neither of us was feeling all that great so we took things easy Tuesday but we had two appointments that we couldn't really miss and both turned out really well so we were glad that we made it to them. Tuesday night it just hit us we were both just so tiried and had massive head aches and lots of trips to the bathroom. and so that night we called sister Rasmussen and she told us that the best thing that we could do for us and for the sake of those around us was to stay inside get lots of rest and eat bland food so for the next three days the only contact we had from the outside world was the sister coming to drop us off roman noodles and us making a very painful and tiring trip to a boots pharmacy to get some pepto bismal the only communication with the outside world came through our phone. We had to cancel all of our appointments and stuff and stay inside. Luckily for us we started to feel better a bit on Friday night and then by Saturday we felt a lot better so that afternoon we were able to go out and do some missionary work. Sunday was really disappointing we were hoping to have an investigator there but we had to cancel our appointment with him and we weren't able to get into contact with him at all to remind him of church we called and texted and got no replies and so he didn't come. but that's okay. then in sacrament meeting I gave a talk on acting on promptings it went really well and I was able to get the whole thing out without really getting that nervous. the worst part was that I was the first speaker so I had just blessed the sacrament and moved over to my seat on the stand and then got right back up and gave my talk but I had whole week stuck in the flat to prepare the talk so it was really good. then we were able to have dinner with a elderly couple in our ward and it was really good then we went up to see an investigator that we haven't been able to get into contact with since before I got to the area and we had a good chat with them and we are hoping to be able to meet with them soon and start teaching them again. Then we talked to some people in the street and then came back to our flat for call ins then went to bed. Then today was really good we had district pday and we went to this bowling alley and it was really fun I hadn't done bowling in a long time and it was fun to get together with the whole district and have fun since tonight we get our call on whether we move or not and what is happening with transfers so some of us may not be here next transfer.
Speaking of transfers I don't think that we will be moving but I really don't know but both of us haven't been here for long so I think we will both stay one more transfer then he will go then me but only the Lord really knows.
Love Blake

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