Monday, January 19, 2015

Things are good!!

Well this week has been pretty good we have been able to teach quite a few of our investigators and we have made some really great progress with some of them They are finally turning a corner keeping commitments and working on adjusting there work schedules so they can come to church with us so its been really good. I mention Justin in my email before about him deciding to stop smoking and it had been a week when we met with him again and he had still not smoked and it was really exciting to hear. That was the highlight of our week. and I got my bed sort of fixed its good as long as I don't jump on it or move around heavily on it. We also had zone meeting this week it was good but weird because it is the smallest zone in the mission and Lichfield where I was before was the largest so it was quite a bit of a change, but I got to see Elder Smart one of the missionaries that was in burton with me so it was good and I learned a lot. Then we did exchanges with the Evesham Elders so I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with Elder Velasco he is from the Philippines and goes home pretty soon so he was already a bit trunky but I made him work so it was good. Thursday we had inspection by our land lord so we spent most of Wednesday night cleaning. Dang the flat looked good. we passed with flying colors except for the sealant on the shower but we couldn't really control that. The rest of the week was really good. We taught Tony and Justin and committed Justin to church but something came up with his family Sunday morning so we just met up with him last night and taught another lesson.  That's cool to hear about Sadie and her trip to India tell her to try all the curry she can. Some are great some are not so great. There are loads of Indian people here so curry has become a pretty normal dish that everyone has so I have had quite a bit of it. My favorite is tikk masala it's goooooooood we make it about once a week.
Tell Ben best luck with the studies it sounds rough.  We see university students everyday and it makes me wonder what it will be like when I am back and going to school.
Well we have some good lessons set up for this week with all of our investigatos except Liam so far and we are goin to call him tomorrow and set that up so yea, love you, talk to you next week.

Love and loads of prayers
Elder Poll

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