Saturday, October 3, 2015

Just a little excitement this week!!

So the majority of our week was a bit lame and not much excitement. We had a few lessons and nothing much came of them or so we thought. and it just kind of felt like a normal week until Saturday. normally on a Saturday we have an activity at the chapel for investigators to meet members. but we have been asked not to have them anymore by the mission and the ward because of some stuff with other missionaries in the mission getting hurt and stuff so no more activity but that's okay. So we went up and did some work in Ponty Pool then we went out and were doing some work in a part of our area on a huge hill. and that was all good and then we had an appointment with a LA in town and we got there and he forgot to tell us that he had to cancel, so we were like okay we will do some tracting. So we were tracting nearby a members house and thought we would go and stop by and say hi. and then........
We were talking to this member outside his house and a few chavs walked by. (stupid under educated kids that poke fun at us and harass us all the time) they made some rude comments like normal then they kept walking. Suddenly one of them turned back grabbed Elder D's bike and started running. I was the first to register that he was stealing it and ran after him. I almost had him but then he was able to get onto the bike and ride away, then the other friends of his caught up to me and so did Elder D. As I was turing around one of them punched me then another got in my face I thought that we were about to get in a big fight, then they seemed to calm down, and I just started to walk away because there were too many of them to win probably and I was trying to be the bigger person and represent the Lord and leave it to the police. They started to get mouthy towards us again but they knew that the police had been called so they ran off and we just went back to the members house and waited for the police. Then we went to the station and were there for like 4 hours making statements and stuff so we got to bed at around 1 in the morning. I got to go on a ride along with them to see if I could point out the kids who did it but we didn't find them. Don't worry though I am okay the punch wasn't very good.and the police gave us a lift home, which was nice of them.
We woke up the next morning tired and sore but the member whose house it happened in front of gave us a lift which was nice of him.
We had a lesson with a young man and asked him if he wanted to be baptized he said no but that he wanted to come to church some time. It felt kind of empty with no commitment, but then Sunday at the beginning of sacrament meeting our phone vibrated in my pocket and normal I would ignore it especially because we were sitting next to a less active that called us out of the blue on Saturday and said he wanted to come to church. So I was trying to be a good example but I just felt like I should check the phone. It was our investigator and so we went out in the hall and called him back and he asked us for direction to the church from nearby and so he came to sacrament and Sunday school then had to got but that was really cool.  We had a great lesson with one of our investigators in a part member family and they also fed us dinner twice this week. Nepalese food it was really good nothing I had ever had before but really good.  We were at the house last night for dinner and then they gave us a lift home, that was nice because it was a long walk back. And that was our week.

Love you guys
Elder Poll

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