Saturday, October 10, 2015

Spending time with the police

Monday we thought we should take elder Du Plessis serial number to his bike to the police so they could just check all the ones they came across just in case the people who stole it tried to paint it or something, that payed off. then we got transfer calls that night and elder Du Plessis was transferred. Wednesday we left for Peterborough and I waited with the zone leaders all day for my new comp to get here, and about 30 min before the coach arrived with him the Cheltanham zone leaders called saying the elder DePriests front wheel to his bike was on there coach for some reason not on ours and so that stunk that night trying to get his bike back to the flat. Luckily for us we had a spare rim at the flat and that worked for a few days, then when we got back on the train to come back to Cwmbran we got to New Port station and some one took one of Elder DePriests bags off the train and stole stuff in it, but we didn't notice till we got to Cwmbran and went to get his stuff of the train and it wasn't there, then on Thursday we were on the train back from the district meeting. we got a call from the police saying they have elder Du Plessis bike, so we went to get that, they take forever at the station 1 hour there, then the assistant the the president called and told us that the Newport police have elder DePriests bag and that we need to call them. got that all figures out, on Friday we had a lesson with one of our investigators and then headed to Newport  and when we got there finding out that lots of his stuff was stolen. We also had a lesson with a less active member. Saturday we travel to conference because most members watch it here on internet, we had to take a  train to the stake center to watch it and train back after. Sunday a member gave us a lift to conference and we were there all day till 7 because on Sunday they rebroadcast the priesthood session and the Saturday afternoon session, then watch the Sunday morning session and then we will watch the Sunday afternoon session later this week. It was all awesome.
I think president Uchtdorf just hit right from the start and just slammed me with the spirit that stayed for the whole conference. 
I also read some of the talks form the women conference and that was cool I really liked the story president Uchtdorf told there.
That's all for this week.
Love you guys.

Elder Poll

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