Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A little time at the hospital...

So this week has been interesting on Monday we did the normal stuff and had a lesson with B ( we are helping him to stop smoking) on Tuesday we had a work over with the zone leaders and then they gave us a lift to Ponty Pool to do some work up there and that went well had a dinner appoint. and then stopped by some people on the way home. Wednesday we had zone meeting and did some finding.  Thurs we had a lesson with A, then we were on our way to another appointment. Just coming down the hill by our flat and usually Elder D is in the back and I lead out because he is new and doesn't know where to go but this time he knew where we were going so he went first and we got going and then I look up and a car had just cut across the road to do a three point turn and didn't see him and cut just in front of him and he ran into him, he flew over the top of the car and landed on his shoulder and rolled three time and at this point I had to rip on my breaks or do the same thing he did. I stopped and got him out of the road and checked him out, we thought he was fine just going to be bruised so we went on like it was okay and were walking to our next appointment. Then we remembered to call Sister Leopard and tell her and she told us we had to go to the emergency room and get it checked out, and so we canceled our other appointments and the zone leaders came and took us to the hospital. and we got an x-ray. They showed it to us and told us it's broken. Even me not being a doctor could see that it was really broken, like not connected at all broken, so they gave him a sling and told him they would call to set up another appointment in the next week. Friday we had a few appointments and then a family had us over for dinner. They didn't think about the fact that my companion didn't have two hands to operate the knife so it was funny to see him struggle trying to cut his meat and then I offered to cut it for him but he said no so sister S just took it and cut it for him and we all laughed really hard. On Saturday we had a lesson with several others and had to take buses around to all of them. The problem with buses is they take up a lot of our time in travel and stop running around 6, so after that we have to walk back from where ever we are, and they don't run on Sundays.
That is pretty much our week.

Love and prayers Elder Poll

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