Monday, January 12, 2015

It was a pretty good week.

Our week was pretty good we had quite a few lessons with investigators and we and interviews with president on Wednesday and that was good. we have hit a bit of a wall with Liam at the moment since he is only 17 we have to get permission from his parents to go much farther and when Liam told them they said that they were okay with us talking but they weren't to sure about church. so we are hoping to be able to meet with them some time this week and see what we can do. Justin on thew other hand is doing really well we still haven't been able to get him a Romanian book of Mormon print copy because the mission is out but we showed him how to get on to ones and switch them to Romanian so he is really excited to be able to read that better and the coolest thing happened when we were talking with him. he is a smoker so we knew the word of wisdom would be a problem in the future but when we were talking with him he said that he was going to the gym and stuff and that he had decided that Satan was in smoking and that it made Satan happy when he smoked and so he decided to stop and he showed us his last two cigarettes and said after these I am done and so that made us really excited because now we know that he has the desire to stop, and that even if he can't do it alone we can help him and encourage him now that we know that he wants to stop.

Kind of funny this week we were going to bed and I sat on my bed and it broke... ha ha ha. don't worry its not because I got fat my bed has been held to together by tape and rope and a small board screwed in on that side the whole time I have been here and elder Devitt said that it has been like that since he got here as well so it was not really my fault. So I have been on my mattress on the floor for the last 4 days but luckily for me my mattress is really good. so today we went and bought a 2x4 and we are going to borrow a drill from a member and screw it back together. Also funny this week elder D got his pride hurt by a "child's play thing" when we were out finding in Malvern in-between two of our appointments. We came across a play ground and us being us we had to try it out and they had some of those things that you sit on and they rock back and forth on a spring and so we got on them and elder Devitt was riding the horse and it bucked him off. I wish I had gotten a video of that but I didn't but it was funny. (quote thank you toy story)
On a more serious note we were able to teach tony this week and everything went really well we were able to have John Nolan a member from the ward that just got back form a mission in St. George at the lesson with us and he speaks well I don't know if speaks is the right word but he does BSL British Sign Language. and he helped us teach so things went really well. Elder Devitt has picked up BSL really fast but I am a slow learner so I am not much help in the lessons. We have lessons every week with a deaf member of the ward and I try to learn as much as I can but I don't think its the learning that I have an issue with its the retaining the info that I am not so good at.
The interview with president was good but it felt really short and still a bit impersonal but I can kind of understand with 300 missionaries being personal is hard but our interview was supper short it felt like but I think that everything that needed to be said was said so it was good.

I think that's about it for me this week it has rained here a bit this week but we will see how it goes the weather here can change so fast that you just go out prepared for the worst but hoping for the best. also there are a couple of videos that I am going to upload if you want to take a look.

Have a good week and I will talk to you next.

Love and Prayers Elder Poll


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