Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfer Week

That's cool the rodeo sounds like loads of fun. that's kind of sad that you didn't get to go to the temple I would kill for a trip to the temple OK maybe not kill but it would be awesome I didn't really go that much before I came out and with the temple being only an hour away and with members willing to take us it would be cool but its out of our mission boundary. Before coming out I used to use excuses to get out of going to meetings now I would use any excuse to go to a meeting and feel of the spirit there. Some times I wish we were the Lichfeild elders because they have the stake center and get to go to all of the stuff that they do there for the stake and some of that stuff sounds really good. But oh well that's not us. As for transfers we get the dodge tonight, if and where we are going and I will get on tomarrow and let you know if I am leaving and where I am going. I have come to the conclution that I could be anywhere and that would be fine with me, but after having this experience with my companion I have learned that it's who you are with that really matters so every night I pray for a obedient, and easy to get along with companion.Ya it will be sad leaving after just having got some investigators. The referral that we got was for this girl named Lucy she seemed really excited at first but she has a really busy schedule so she said that she couldn't really meet with us til the new year. But we left her our number and told her to call us with any questions. She also wanted to try to attend church with us this coming week so we had planned to stop by and see her later this week and remind her and answer any questions.The Romanian family that we went by last Monday night turned out really solid we taught them the Restoration and when we said the opening prayer the mother cried from the desire to go to church and feeling the spirit I knew that the lesson was going to go well. It was a challenge because they don't speak any English but lucky for us their son was there and he speaks pretty good English so he translated for us and they seemed to take it really well. We were able to teach them again on Wednesday and their son Iones came to football with us on Friday night and he brought two of his friends. I think that Iones is key to getting a lot more investigators here in Burton because when we were talking to one of his friends, in his brioken English  he told us that all the Romanian people here in Burton love and respect Iones because he is really generous and tries to help everyone. Like right now he has another family that just moved from Romania living with them till they can find a place to stay. We are hoping to be able to teach Iones separately from his parents so that he can focus more on the lesson and not on translation for his parents. I have also talked to president about it and he is checking to see if we may be able to do a Skype lesson with elders in the Romanian mission to help us teach the parents. The family is really cool and they deserve to know the truth and really understand it.
On Monday we don't have pday ours is moved to Friday because of the crazy Christmas schedule here and with having boxing day right after Christmas most of the missionaries want to go out and shop because its like black Friday here. Speaking of that I had planned on getting a couple of pair of trousers on boxing day to fit my new waist size so I don't have to cinch my belt up super tight to keep my trousers on. 
I will still be able to email you on Monday to set up what time and the other details for the Skype on Christmas.
Love and many prayers Elder Poll

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