Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So nothing much happened this week it has been a very rainy week for us so there have not been very may people out and personally if it wasn't my calling to be out finding I would be huddled inside probably watching TV and sitting by the heater because it is cold outside already. Most of our finding has been for not this week but there was one girl that we met that we have an appointment with tonight but it is in the park and its raining so it may not happen unless we can find a member to come with us so we can move it inside somewhere. but we will see. 
Saturday night we were able to watch Saturday morning conference session live then yesterday we watched the priesthood session in the morning then we had lunch and then had the Saturday afternoon put up on the screen. then we waited till 5 to watch the Sunday morning session live then we went home and we have not seen the Sunday afternoon session. I was a bit bummed out that we didn't get to here Elder Bednar speak he is one of my favorites but I will get to read it in the ensign so that will have to work.
So after we watched the Saturday afternoon session we watched the work report which is kind of like the stuff that we get back home in between the sessions and the same channel back home. we heard about the "Meet the Mormons" and the different things that the church has been doing through out the world this year since the April conference. So we are not completely out of the loop with everything and it was cool to see the difference we are making throughout the globe. That is about it for me this week I am praying for some new investigators this week.
I have a question for you and kind of for grandpa as well. What area of England are we from what area does the Poll name come from. People keep asking me where the name is from and I can't tell them because i don't know myself.
Love you and pray for you always Elder Poll


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